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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Self-Storage Bag Hags

Self-storage gets used for some pretty shady stuff, but this is a new one: as a homebase for counterfeiting luxury handbags and wallets! Last week, four Massachusetts residents were sentenced in federal court for money laundering, trafficking and conspiring to traffic designer goods and the materials to make them. The criminals admitted to having rented 13 units at a Revere, Mass., self-storage ...
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In Search of the Holy Grail

A guest blog spot by ISS Associate Editor Elaine Foxwell. I have fond memories of Canada from living there for a few years as well as later visits. One of my most memorable occurred a while back when some hockey-loving friends and I made a pilgrimage to see the Holy Grail—the Stanley Cup. During the whole trip, we chatted about experiencing two things Canadian: the Cup and Tim Hortons donuts. I ...
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Step It Up!

A guest blog spot by ISS Managing Editor Drew Whitney. Did you know that this Saturday, more than 1,000 events across the country will be acknowledging the Step It Up! 2007 campaign? Step It Up! is a nationwide campaign comprised of more than 1,000 events in 50 states rallying around the need for substantial and rapid action on the issue of global warming. Events are being held in every corner of ...
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How Very Taxing

I've just returned from a four-day trip to Portland, Ore., where I enjoyed a reunion with my high school girlfriends. After graduation, we scattered to the four winds, and now reside in different states. But we try to get together every couple of years to catch up on each others' lives, to laugh over old memories and create new ones. It's extremely liberating to have long-standing friendships in ...
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Getting Trashed?

Most every week, some newspaper or other runs an article about how Americans are so attached to their STUFF, painting self-storage as some vulture of an industry waiting to prey on this weakness for materialism. OK, so we all know humans are prisoners of their junk. But rarely do writers focus on the behavior of people who need to dispose of stuff, and that, to me, is by far the more interesting ...
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Plug Your Ears

(A guest blog spot by ISS Associate Editor Elaine Foxwell.) Has anyone been tempted, out of curiosity or maybe an overwhelming yen, to collect any and all esoteric music, to purchase the CD by British musical group The Playwrights called English Self Storage? Anyone? Anyone? I have to admit, I was really curious. First, the English in the title got to me. I’m English, born, bred and still loyal ...
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Feeling the Chill

Anyone who follows this blog knows I was in New Orleans all last week for a self-storage show as well as another conference. Before I left for N.O., temperatures here in Phoenix were approaching 100 degrees, and I was running my air conditioning. Today, I'm wearing a flannel shirt, and my typing is labored because my hands are cold and stiff. Last night, I actually turned down an invitation to ...
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