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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Vendors, Suppliers Invited to Self-Storage Talk; Promotion Is Policed

In a business such as self-storage, where facilities and operations are tightly connected to their suppliers, it's important for a place to exist where these parties can have an ongoing conversation. That's why suppliers or vendors have always been welcome to join the ranks of Self-Storage Talk, the industry's largest online community and the official forum of Inside Self-Storage.
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Self-Storage Talk 'Trolls': Don't Be One, Don't Encourage Them

In the past, I have sung Self-Storage Talk's praises because community members tend to behave themselves. However, SST is not immune to the occasional "troll," a forum slang term for a poster who enjoys irritating other posters at every opportunity.
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New Treats From ISS: Best of Business Poll, Membership, Lien-Law Registry

This weekend millions of children are salivating at the thought of forthcoming Easter baskets stuffed with colorful fluff, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and jellybeans. Why not? We all enjoy an indulgence once in a while. For self-storage professionals, ISS released three new treats this week. Read more about these industry delights and help us celebrate. We won’t even make you hunt for them! ...
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Self-Storage Talk Discussion: Resident Managers, Apartments Make Job Separations Messy

Resident self-storage managers are more connected to their jobs than most people, and the reason is obvious: They live where they work. Many times, it's not just one person living alone in the apartment. The facility apartment is often home to a family or, at least, a couple. Therefore, if a self-storage manager decides to move on, it's not as simple as giving two weeks' notice and then not coming to work anymore. Likewise, in the unfortunate event that a manager is let go, the owners/landlords must give their former managers reasonable time to move (at least 30 days is a common suggestion).
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Self-Storage Talk Poll Asks, 'Would You Stay Open Late?'

It's 5:50 p.m., and the self-storage facility closes up for the day at 6. The manager is in the middle of plodding through the daily day's end tasks: bookkeeping, software syncing, walking the grounds, filing, etc. Then, the phone rings.
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New Contender: Storage By Mail

There was a time when self-storage operators debated the potential threat posed to their businesses by the mobile-storage product. These days, it seems mobile storage and self-storage live, if not happily, then with civility, side by side in the same markets. But now enters a new contender to the ring, one that also promises customer convenience and efficiency: storage done through the mail.
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Self-Storage Talk Adds New Section: Resource Center

At the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, a couple of Self-Storage Talk members approached me with an idea and request: "Each facility has several types of documents and resources, such as procedural guides or sales scripts, they would probably be happy to share with others if only they had a place to do it. And likewise, it would be nice if there were a big consortium where we could download shared items." With this member feedback, a new area of the site was born.
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