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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Stock Market Plunges Again: Industry Turns to Self-Storage Talk to Discuss Effects

Last week's 500-point-drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average preceded an even bigger 635-point drop to kick off this week, with Standard & Poor's downgrade of the U.S. government's credit rating to AA status sandwiched in the middle. Naturally, everyone is worried about the economy, even those in self-storage.
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Self-Storage and the Stock-Market See-Saw: Will Our Industry Be Affected?

The Down Jones Industrial Average plummeted 513 points yesterday in the worst stock sell-off since October 2008. Pundits cite fear over the U.S. economy and the European debt crisis as underlying factors. Are we staring down the barrel of another recession? And what, if anything, does the stock-market volatility mean for publicly traded self-storage companies and the industry as a whole? ...
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Poll: Tell Us Which Ancillary Money-Makers Work at Your Self-Storage Facility

Everyone who works in self-storage knows they're primarily in the business of renting space. That means the majority of income at any one facilty comes from rented units (or parking spaces), and without a strong occupancy rate, it's hard for a facility to be successful. But with a slower rental season (fall) just around the corner, and a very unpredictable economic landscape, it's important for self-storage operators to integrate ancillary forms of revenue.
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Onsite Fist Fight: Read About the Facility Melee on Self-Storage Talk

Those in self-storage, especially facility managers, have some crazy, unbelievable stories. It's why the Tales from the Trenches section exists on Self-Storage Talk, the largest online forum in the industry. The latest radical tale comes from a manager who once got in a physical altercation with a tenant. New SST member BubbaDog details the story of being attacked by a tenant who got angry when BubbaDog denied the tenant access to his unit.
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Self-Storage Politics: Steps Forward, Steps Back

So far in 2011 the self-storage industry has seen legislative improvements across several states, and still other states are working aggressively toward improvements in self-storage law. But the regression that took place in California last week should remind us that victory is not always guaranteed.
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Help Pick the Theme for an Upcoming Inside Self-Storage Expo on Self-Storage Talk

If you had to take one sentence and tell someone what your job in self-storage was all about, what would you say? I know it's an abstract question, but it's being discussed right now on Self-Storage Talk, the industry's largest online community.
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Talking 24/7 Access on the 24/7 Self-Storage Talk

The 24-hour retail operations, or "two-four stores," popped up first in Texas in the 60s at 7/11 stores, and ever since, customers (Americans, especially) have demanded businesses be open 24 hours a day. With Walmart, the planet's largest retailer, boasting ubiquitous 24-hour supercenters where consumers can buy most everything they would ever need, some seem to think the always-open tenet should apply to self-storage, too.
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