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Teri Lanza

Teri Lanza
Editorial Director


Can You Really Afford to Miss the ISS Expo?

Next week in Tacoma, Wash., hundreds of self-storage operators and other industry professionals will meet at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo to learn strategies and gather information that will immediately improve their businesses. But some of you can actually afford to miss out on this important opportunity. Think you’re one of them? Read on and see.
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Self-Storage Talk to Play Active Role at Next Week's ISS Expo

Upcoming events and conferences are always exciting for the industry. But next week's Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Tacoma, Wash. (Oct. 4-6), is especially important for Self-Storage Talk, the industry's largest online community. SST, the official forum of Inside Self-Storage, will play a notable role in the three-day event's agenda, and the gathering will provide an opportunity for many industry pros (and SST members) to catch up or be introduced for the first time.
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Need Some 'Likes' for Your Facility Facebook Page? Head to Self-Storage Talk

Businesses across all industries and sectors are trying to connect with their customers through social media, and self-storage is no exception. Seemingly every day new self-storage-facility fan or business pages are added to Facebook. Of course, just having a Facebook page isn't enough. Facilities must draw possible customers and Facebook users to the page to interact with them. And as a business, the way to give customers and potential customers access to your Facebook content is to get them to "like" you, a subject currently being tackled on Self-Storage Talk.
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Legal Mistakes Can Be Costly in Self-Storage … in More Ways Than one

In self-storage as in most businesses, mistakes can be chalked up to “experience” and viewed as a learning opportunity, but they can also have a long-reaching effect that damages public image and company profitability. Our business is fraught with potentially pricey legal risk. Get guidance to help you avoid it.
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Would Customers Use a Self-Storage Mobile App? Discuss on Self-Storage Talk

According to Nielsen, 40 percent of cell phone users in the United States now carry smartphones, and as soon as next year, smartphones may cross the 50 percent line and overtake standard cell phones. The question for many self-storage operators and managers is, "Does this mean that next year more than half of my customers will be using smartphonea? And if so, do I need to start reaching them through their smartphones with a mobile application dedicated my facility? Would tenants prefer to pay rent, ask questions and rent units this way?" ...
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Self-Storage Talk Strikes a Delicate Balance Between Openness, Discretion

Striking the balance between open speech and rule enforcement is my biggest challenge as the community manager for Self-Storage Talk, the largest online forum in the industry. It's no surprise that with more than 4,400 members, every so often someone starts asking questions (or flat-out giving criticisms) about the way we moderate the site.
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No More Floating Along: Disaster Planning in Self-Storage

Hurricane Irene flounced through the East Coast this past week, and though this Category 1 event could have done greater damage, it’s reminded self-storage operators in many areas of two things: the importance of emergency preparedness, and the role compassion plays in the process.
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