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Looking at the Business Via Fresh Eyes

Once you're accustomed to a thing, it's difficult to see it from the perspective of the uninitiated. You might try to see it through fresh eyes, but the experience is irrevocably altered by your history. Last week's expo, with a large attendance of industry neophytes, was an eye-opener, as we listened to their impressions and observations of the storage business. Now we've launched an event in New York City that will be a first-time experience for all of us. Can we deliver all the information new investors and developers crave?

Storage Speak

Lessons From the Kiwi Fire

The fire at Kiwi Self Storage in New Zealand has provided an excellent lesson on the right way to handle an unexpected event. Here's a look at why the self-storage operator has excelled at crisis management, and explore why their tenants might think otherwise.


Measuring Online-Marketing Success Self-storage operators are not alone when it comes to getting caught up in search engine rankings, but guest blogger Nick Bilava of warns that while search engine optimization can definitely bring positive results, page ranking shouldn’t be the sole determination for success when it comes to online marketing.

Store Smarts

Plot Your Course for ISS Expo Education While there is one ISS Expo education session solely devoted to customer service issues, there are other presentations that touch on key aspects of service and customer engagement that should prove beneficial to your business operation. If you’re attending the expo with customer-service concerns, let this blog serve as your GPS guide.