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2 More Things to Love About ISS Expo

People profess to “love” all manner of things, from shoes, cars and chocolate cake to puppies, their mothers and world peace. This Valentine’s Day, the ISS Expo is giving you two more things to love: early-bird registration discounts and a chance to win a free trip to the show, including airfare, hotel accommodations, a Premium Education Package and more.

Storage Speak

Provide Better Customer Service

As a self-storage operator, you have the opportunity to offer exceptional customer service every day. But let’s be honest, it’s not always easy. If you aspire to offer the kind of customer service people remember, but these skills don’t come naturally to you, there are steps you can take to improve them.


Treasure Trove: Amazing Finds in Units Weird and amazing things show up in self-storage units all the time. There's no limit to what some people decide to store away for later, and these oddities can range from the incredibly valuable to the downright creepy. This list includes some of the most bizarre things that have been found in storage units.

Store Smarts

Don’t Drown in Your Work Task for task, a self-storage manager’s job is as multi-faceted as they come. While work-related stress is inevitable and some managers may even believe they feed off of stress-related adrenaline, the effects of stress work against everyone over time and can affect self-worth, job satisfaction and physical health. To prevent drowning in work, practice stress management.