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  • Customer Storage Insurance
    Customer Storage Insurance Protect Yourself Against Litigation By David Wilhite As you may know, every self-storage facility operator may be subject to litigation from tenants who have suffered damage to their goods. The good news for facility owners is that courts have ...More
    January 1, 1998 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • Building Codes
    By Cecile Blaine Designing a self-storage facility requires an eye toward security, traffic flow, durability and making the most efficient and profitable use of the land available. Those considerations are added to other criteria determined in advance by the building codes, ...More
    January 1, 1998 Cecile Blaine Posted in Articles
    CORPORATE PROFILE DCAL Computer Systems has acquired all rights, assets and product offerings of Acorn Management Systems, including UNItroller management and UNIkey access control products, and has established the "Acorn Products Division" to market and support ...More
    December 1, 1997 Posted in Articles
  • Ask The Waldmans
    Ask The Waldmans With Stanley and Jill Waldman Hiring A Teen-ager Dear Waldmans: Lately, I have seen advertisements on television about hiring teen-agers. After thinking about employing a teen-ager at my storage facility, I have decided it would be a good idea. After all, ...More
    December 1, 1997 Posted in Articles
  • Yellow Page AdsWhat should they consist of?
    Yellow Page AdsWhat should they consist of? By Pamela Alton As most of us are aware, the Yellow Pages ad is where most tenants first learn about a storage facility. It is probably the largest advertising expense a facility owner has, so it should be made to count. In some ...More
    December 1, 1997 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles
  • Resolutions for Owners
    As we approach the new year, it is time to think about New Year's resolutions...once again. We have all made personal New Year's resolutions in the past... "This is the year I will stop smoking." "This year, I will eat healthier." "I will commit to ...More
    December 1, 1997 Posted in Articles
  • The Yellow PagesMaking the most of your advertising
    The Yellow PagesMaking the most of your advertising By Michael Zervas Recent changes in the Yellow Pages industry have left advertisers with a bewildering array of choices. Currently there are more than 7,000 directories available to advertisers. There are now more than 200 ...More
    December 1, 1997 Michael Zervas Posted in Articles
  • Insuring Your Facility
    By David Wilhite Insuring Your Facility One of the most difficult and confusing tasks associated with running a profitable self-storage facility has always been the need to secure proper insurance coverage. Unlike many other commercial ventures that consider insurance a ...More
    December 1, 1997 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • The Yellow Pages
    The Yellow Pages When Your Ad Goes Wrong By D. Carlos Kaslow Over the past year, several storage operators have called us concerning problems with their Yellow Pages advertisement. Either the ad did not appear, or it contained an error, such as the wrong phone number or ...More
    December 1, 1997 D. Carlos Kaslow Posted in Articles
  • Customer Storage Insurance
    Customer Storage Insurance To Good to Be True? By Alice Cravens It helps you even if no one buys it. It helps you to serve your customer while clarifying responsibilities. It helps you to reassure customers if a catastrophe strikes. It costs you little...or nothing. Does ...More
    December 1, 1997 Alice Cravens Posted in Articles