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  • A Zooming Market Strategy
    Hundreds of fans leap to their feet, their roars reaching a crescendo. The bleachers quake, and the air reeks of high-octane exhaust fumes as powerful vehicles thunder down the track to the checkered flag. This is the NASCAR experience and, last year, Olympia Steel Building ...More
    February 1, 2006 Elaine Foxwell Posted in Articles
  • National Snapshot
    Capital flowed freely into the self-storage sector during 2005. While operating performance continues to support the record-breaking prices being paid for storage properties, investors are beginning to question the premium over replacement costs. There’s concern that ...More
    February 1, 2006 Charles Ray Wilson Posted in Articles
  • Getting on the Market
    You’ve received dozens of unsolicited calls from so-called “buyers” and brokers wanting to buy or list your facility. You’ve also read many articles like this one, so you know interest and cap rates are low and values have never been higher. After months of thinking about ...More
    February 1, 2006 Bill Alter Posted in Articles
  • Self-Storage Jargon
    Whether you already own a self-storage project or plan to make your first venture, knowing some key terminology is important to your success. You probably won’t find these definitions in a dictionary, yet they can be critical to effective communication and decision-making. ...More
    February 1, 2006 Mark Keys Posted in Articles
  • Retail Results: Taking a Chance on Self-Storage
    Like most of you, I look forward to industry tradeshows, which give me the chance to see old friends and associates and make new ones. These events also represent an opportunity to learn more about the business and the people who are making it grow as never before. For the ...More
    February 1, 2006 Roy Katz Posted in Articles
  • Serious Selling
    Eventually, almost every self-storage owner sells—it’s just a matter of when. Thinking through the following factors will help you determine how close you are to the moment of truth: Personal issues —Retirement, estate planning, partnership problems and divorce are just a ...More
    February 1, 2006 Michael L. McCune Posted in Articles
  • How Much Is a Facility Worth?
    A lot of self-storage owners want to know: “How much is my facility really worth?” Theoretically, the value of a property is the highest price a buyer is willing to pay in a competitive open market. But the question really has a two-part answer. The owner perceives one ...More
    February 1, 2006 Stephen Grossman Posted in Articles
  • Thoughts From the Road
    These days, even when you travel by plane, it’s often necessary to rent a car to reach your final destination. As I’ve traveled over the past 20 years, I’ve used Hertz vehicles. I’ll admit to some frustration with various fees, add-on taxes and other surcharges; but the ...More
    February 1, 2006 Jim Chiswell Posted in Articles
  • A Reason to Rejoice
    A Reason to Rejoice Generally speaking, February isn’t a month of great note. In fact, it’s rather dreary. What’s there to do in the wasteland of time between holidays? Past civilizations knew how to live right—they had a festival for almost every occasion. If we lived ...More
    February 1, 2006 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles
    Editor's Note: The following was excerpted with permission from Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It, by Jill Griffin; Jossey-Bass Publishers; San Francisco; 1995. Once, The Road Less Traveled by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck was just another ...More
    February 1, 2006 Jill Griffin Posted in Articles