• Sales Training = Profits
    Have you ever measured the incoming phone calls your store misses? What about walk-in customers? What impact do these have on your bottom line and potential real estate value? It would probably shock you to know just how powerful this information can be. How do you improve ...More
    November 1, 2004 Brad North Posted in Articles
  • What We Learn From Sales
    My grandpa use to say, “Talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy whiskey.” Today, there is a lot of talk about how much investors are willing to pay for self-storage, and a lot of confusion about just what is selling, who is buying and how much they are actually paying. ...More
    November 1, 2004 Charles R. Wilson Posted in Articles
  • Noah’s Ark Development
    Mike Parham, founder of Texas-based Noah’s Ark Development, heard a call to create more than a successful self-storage business. In 1996, he formed the In His Steps Foundation (IHS), a nonprofit organization designed exclusively for charitable, religious and educational ...More
    November 1, 2004 Kimberly Hundley Posted in Articles, Development
  • What's Up With Permanent Financing?
    “Unbelievable” is the only word to describe continued financing opportunities for self-storage and most other commercial-property types. To illustrate, the following chart shows a sample of long- and short-term index rates over the last 10 years. Today’s rates are still ...More
    November 1, 2004 David Smyle Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Storage by the Numbers
    A guy decided to go on a diet and announced it to his friend, who was happy to hear it and in full support of the idea. After a month, they bumped into each other in the mall. The friend asked how the diet was going. The guy responded, “Really good. I feel a lot thinner ...More
    November 1, 2004 Fred Gleeck Posted in Articles
  • Cap Rates—A Mystery Unveiled
    If you are buying, selling or refinancing a self-storage property, you can’t have a three-minute conversation without the term “cap rate” coming up. Everyone acts as if they know what this is—a few really do know, many more think they know, and some refuse to admit they ...More
    November 1, 2004 Michael L. McCune Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Capital Types and Trends
    What are two financing facts many storage owners are surprised to learn? One, there are more types of permanent, bridge and construction loans available today than at any time in the history of the industry; and two, lenders are more likely to add “custom” loan terms and ...More
    November 1, 2004 Jim Davies and Eric Snyder Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Construction Corner
    Construction Corner is a Q&A column committed to answering reader-submitted questions regarding construction and development. Inquiries may be sent to construction@ministorage.com . Q: I am about to install a new keypad-access system at my gate and would like your ...More
    November 1, 2004 Posted in Articles, Technology
  • The Time of the True-Tax Lease
    In today’s self-storage market, with spiking steel prices and an upward trend in interest rates, facility owners need to consider every money-saving technique available. Of course, the best method is the one that does not require you to spend money to save money. Over the ...More
    November 1, 2004 Ronald J. Pope Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Don’t Sell Anything
    Some salespeople think if they are persuasive and persistent enough, they can get people to give in and buy. But fact of the matter is you cannot sell anyone anything. People make up their own minds. You can put your offer in front of them. You can rattle off features and ...More
    November 1, 2004 Tron Jordheim Posted in Articles