The Storage Owner Solution for Collaborative Lead Generation

The Storage Owner Solution for Collaborative Lead Generation

Over the past decade, the online relationship between self-storage operators and consumers has changed greatly, in part due to the emergence of third-party lead aggregators: non-storage companies that have developed an online “shopping” environment where prospects can easily compare facilities, units, features and rates. Although they have been instrumental in the evolution of the online storage industry, they may have developed divergent paths with storage operator and consumer needs.

Lead-aggregation sites are clearly here to stay. However, there's a better way to collaboratively generate leads and remain in alignment with both operator and consumer needs. The solution is an owner/operator managed lead-aggregator initiative like Find Local Storage. Owned and operated by 26 storage companies, Find Local Storage aims to provide a better consumer shopping experience while seeking to continuously decrease the cost of acquiring online customers. In this whitepaper, you'll learn about:

  • The growth and dominance of third-party lead aggregators
  • A case study on the rising cost of third-party aggregators
  • Reclaiming control of your brand and online lead acquisition