Implementing Truck Rentals at Your Self-Storage Facility

Implementing Truck Rentals at Your Self-Storage Facility

A rental truck is an excellent source of ancillary income with a proven track record across the self-storage industry. There are several truck-rental programs available to facility operators, each with different options and styles to suit your business. If you're interested in offering truck rental to your tenants, this guide will teach you about the process, what to expect and how to excel. The Whitepaper addresses program types, buying vs. leasing, a detailed cost analysis, return on investment, truck types to offer, insurance, licensing, truck graphics/marketing and the truck-rental agreement.

In this Whitepaper, you will read:

  • The truck-rental programs available, which trucks to rent, and whether to buy or lease
  • A detailed cost analysis of operating a rental truck and the potential return on investment
  • Important information about truck insurance, licensing and the rental agreement