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Tourist Tips for the Big Easy Expo: ISS in New Orleans

In just over three month’s time, self-storage professionals will gather in “The Big Easy” for the Inside Self-Storage World Expo. There’s a lot of buzz about this show, in no small part due to the enticing locale. New Orleans is one of those cities people seem to love or hate―unless they’ve never been. Regardless of which camp you fall into, some pointers on things to do and see in the city will be helpful: 

  • Love: You want to try new things.
  • Hate: You haven’t seen or done the right things yet.
  • Never been: Narrowing the activity list can be harrowing; you’ll want direction!

The August issue if ISS magazine will include a detailed feature story on the city’s best of the best; but in the meantime, the Travel Channel is featuring N’awlins during one of its “Samantha Brown’s Great Weekends” episodes. You can check the channel’s schedule to see when it next airs in your time zone.

During the show, Samantha explores sumptuous local cuisine at well-known restaurants such as the Court of Two Sisters. She also takes viewers on a stroll down Magazine Street, a six-mile stretch of antique stores, art galleries and boutiques; enjoys a walking tour with Irvin Mayfield, and later takes in music at his Jazz Playhouse; plays football with members of the Tulane University team at the Superdome; attends a voodoo service; and rides the St. Charles Streetcar. You can even view a slideshow from the episode or read the “Back in the Big Easy” entry from Samantha’s blog.
If you want to dive in and get first-hand recommendations from industry colleagues, check out these expo-related threads on Self-Storage Talk, where members discuss the sights and sounds of the city as well as upcoming seminars and workshops:

Want more information about the ISS Expo agenda, including details about the exhibit hall, networking opportunities and our nearly 30 superlative seminars? Again, watch the August issue for our Pre-Show Planner, and be sure to visit the show website at
Finally, if you have visitor information or funny New Orleans stories to share, post them here on the blog. See y’all in the Crescent City.

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