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Barantec Inc.

Everswitch Keypads

Barantec Inc. has developed a specialized keypad system complimentary to self-storage software. Everswitch keypads can be integrated with any storage software program utilizing standard security communication protocols: Wiegand 8 bit or 26 bit, RS232 or RS485. The standalone keypads can also back up access control in the event of power outages or software failures.

Using patented Piezo switch technology to provide the highest operational specifications, the keypads are IP-68 rated for submersion, making them impervious to weather, with an operating temperature range of 40 degrees below zero to 125 degrees Celsius. Switches and circuitry are completely sealed within solid-aluminum housing with no moving parts for protection against tampering. For more information, call 973.779.8774; visit www.everswitch.com


Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

E-SoftSys, a provider of management software for the self-storage industry, has attained the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status. Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competency, expertise and working relationship with Microsoft technologies. The Gold status is a testimony to the product's ability to develop software solutions to meet strict Microsoft guidelines and strong acceptance from the client base.

E-SoftSys offers a complete suite of products and services, including:

  • Self Storage Manager, a web-based solution for large- and medium-sized companies with one or more facilities. 
  • e-Storage Online, a web interface that allows tenants to rent or reserve units, check accounts and make payments online.
  • Website design, development and search-engine optimization services, and management-software interface. 
  • Round-the-clock customer support, including onsite training and implementation services.

For more information, call 610.277.7457; e-mail [email protected]; visit www.selfstoragemanager.com

ONeil Software

RS-SQL, Version 3.0 Upgrade

ONeil Software recently upgraded its flagship record-storage management product, RS-SQL, Version 3.0. The new release continues to lighten the load on staff by reducing the time and effort it takes to access information.

  • Using the new release, users can:
  • Enhance authorized lists.
  • Search for information in work-order notes.
  • Use new screen icons.
  • Count RSMobile downloads.
  • Use barcode auto-incrementing for the web.

RS-SQL is fully compatible with the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and has the ability to send a re-file list to RSMobile from the container, file folder and tape grids.

RSMobile highlights include:

  • RSMobile tools menu split 
  • Precision scanning 
  • Focus changes, from near to far 
  • Single-scan re-filing 

In addition, ONeil has harnessed the power of the Internet and Microsofts latest .NET technology to make records centers an extension of clients operations. As part of its suite of fully integrated software, RSWeb.NET provides fast, flexible and real-time access to business information. For more information, visit www.oneilsoft.com

Boston Rack Inc.

Boltless Metal Shelving

A new line of galvanized, boltless, modular metal shelving thats easy to assemble into multiple configurations including bins, wide span racks, cat-walk systems and archive storage is now offered by Boston Rack Inc., based in Raynham, Mass.

The companys Super 1/2/3 Metal Shelving features a high-gloss galvanized finish and boltless, modular construction with snap-in beams, shelves, uprights and braces to create racks, mezzanines and all types of storage systems. Various heights, widths and depths are available, along with accessories such as drawers, containers and dividers. For more information, call 508.880.5777; e-mail [email protected]; visit www.bostonrack.com

Virginia Tag Service

Free Ground Shipping

Virginia Tag Service, a supplier of door numbers to the self-storage industry, announced free ground shipping in the 48 states. Product prices, which have been the same for 15 years, are also expected to stay the same for one more year, according to company President Bill Cooper. For more information, call 920.725.4848; e-mail [email protected]

PaySure Direct

New Payment System

PaySure Direct has launched a patent-pending paycheck deduction payment system, offering a free, secure way for consumers to pay for purchases directly from their paychecks.

In recent headlines, a national service company inadvertently crossed payments from two of its customers, causing one customers account to default. Faced with lost revenue and an angry customer, as well as potential legal action, the company may have benefited from giving its customers another payment option. PaySure direct is one viable solution.

PaySure Direct does not collect any personal account or payment information, offering peace-of-mind to security-conscious consumers. Plus, there are no spending limits. For more information, call 678.528.8113; visit www.paysuredirect.com

Shelf Elf Co.

Adjustable Storage Shelving

Shelf Elf Co. has designed heavy-duty, high-capacity, adjustable storage shelving for self-storage owners to increase profits per square foot by better using leased space and offering the customer efficient use of the cubic capacity of his rented unit.

This shelving was developed to be the most cost-effective way to store any type of product in any climate and offers a 10-year limited warranty. Each shelf is rated to hold up to 600 pounds; shelf-spacing is adjustable. Theyre simple, inexpensive, dont require maintenance and last for decades.

For more information, call 866.496.1198; e-mail [email protected]

Centershift and ADS

Certified Mail Solution

Accountable Document System (ADS) is partnering with Centershift Inc., developers of the STORE self-storage management solution, to provide STORE users with improved processes for sending, monitoring and confirming delivery of certified letters. Users will have access to time- and money-saving tools for handling the certified-letter process from a facility, eliminating trips to the post office and improving turnaround time for delivery confirmation. Self-storage managers will be able to print labels onsite, send letters with all outgoing mail and receive immediate e-mail confirmation of delivery. Delivery confirmation records are stored electronically for future reference.

Centershift STORE is used by two of the top three REITs and other leading owner/operators of self-storage companies across North America. STORE provides a wide array of tools for increasing profitability: innovative revenue generation and management techniques, improved efficiencies, fraud prevention and detection, and timely and accurate centralized real-time information. For more information, e-mail [email protected]; visit www.centershift.com

ADS is a web-based outbound document-management company providing customers with efficient and effective tools to manage USPS Intelligent mail. For more information, e-mail [email protected]

Encore Commercial Products Inc.

Square Post Guard

Encore introduces Square Post Guard, an attractive post protection fabricated from high-density polyethylene. The new design is ultraviolet resistant, durable and withstands extreme temperatures. Red, recessed striping increases visibility and safety around self-storage facilities. Square Post Guard is designed with crisp, clean lines on a smooth yellow surface to match most structures.

Since its introduction in 2002, Post Guard has been improving the appearance of properties with attractive sleeves that easily fit over bollards, reducing maintenance costs by eliminating scraping and painting. Bollard covers are available in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. For more information, visit www.postguard.com

Supply Side

American Express Payment Options

Supply Side has added American Express to its credit card payment options. The merchandising company estimates it will gain up to an additional 20 percent customer base with the new feature.

Cleveland-based Supply Side, the exclusive distributor of Master Lock padlocks to the self-storage industry, provides packaging, shipping and moving supplies, and tailored merchandising programs to meet the diverse needs of customers. For more information, visit www.suplyside.com

Trac-Rite and Great Northern Corp.

Rollguard for Roll-Up Doors

Trac-Rite, a Sun Prairie, Wis., subsidiary of Trachte Building Systems, has begun to protect its roll-up doors from dents during shipping and storage using recycled-fiber roll cradles from Great Northern Corp.s Rollguard Products.

The new cradle system eliminates numerous callbacks of Trac-Rite doors, which are shipped thought the country via ground transportation and sometimes arrive with dents. The cradles are made from recycled corrugated fiber pulp, and are 100 percent recyclable with strong flexible construction and easy-to-load design. The recycled fiber holds up well against door weight and shape, and the demands of over-the-road shipping. The use of cradles and stretch wrapping holds doors in place during shipping, reducing rattling that leads to dented product.

Great Northern Corp. is an industry-leading developer and supplier of protective packaging systems for rolled and cylindrical products, offering foam, fiber and plastic roll cradles. For more information, call 800.925.2626; e-mail [email protected]; visit www.rollguard.com


Comprehensive Real Estate Search Engine

MyNextDeal is launching the real estate industrys first vertical search engine focused exclusively on commercial listings. The site searches hundreds of commercial real estate websites in real-time, empowering brokers and investors with a simpler method of finding properties. Instead of performing searches on several websites, MyNextDeal ensures a complete picture of property available within specified markets. Public release of the site is planned for the fourth quarter of this year.

MyNextDeal was formed in 2005 by Fred Simanek and Christopher Itule, veterans of the commercial real estate industry. For more information, call 800.788.9105; visit www.mynextdeal.com

AJAY Equipment

Total Controller

AJAY Corp. introduces Total Controller, an all-weather controller with illuminated pushbuttons and door/gate indicator lights mounted into an easy-to-read, user-friendly control panel on each landing. This updated system indicates which door is opened on each level, and has a programmable keypad controller to enable owners and onsite managers the additional convenience and safety of programming choices for operating the manufacturers VRC storage lift.

Total Controllers debut follows AJAYs Diamond Shield Car and the new Recessed Door/Gate Interlock system, both of which were introduced at the Inside Self-Storage Expo in March. For more information, visit 800.521.AJAY; visit www.ajaystoragelifts.com

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