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Self-Storage Operators Weigh In On the Right Way to Wish Others Well This Holiday Season

As the holiday season officially kicks off this week with Thanksgiving, self-storage operators and managers must consider their holiday decor and sentiments for wishing others well. Are Christmas trees and "Merry Christmas" acceptable?

It seems the tide may be turning when it comes to being politically correct this season. As the holiday season officially kicks off this week with Thanksgiving, retailers are gearing up for shoppers. But rather than calling it the holiday season, holiday shopping, or even saying season greetings, many stores are inserting the word Christmas into their marketing verbiage.

According to an article on this week, many big-name storesincluding Wal-Mart, Lowes and Targethave thrown out PC-holiday verbiage in favor of Santa Claus, Christmas trees and holiday carols. Its a transition that has actually been happening for a few years, according to the National Retail Federation.

And while the NRF notes retailers are cognizant of not alienating any consumers, a recent study found 91 percent of consumers will celebrate Christmas, compared with 5 percent for Hanukkah and 2 percent for Kwanzaa.

Throwing out the traditional Happy Holidays in favor of Merry Christmas is a touchy subject. While its true most shoppersand self-storage tenantsdo celebrate Christmas over other religious holidays, its probably not a good idea to assume this by voicing a Merry Christmas to the next person who walks into your office.

I recently asked Self-Storage Talk members their thoughts on the Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays debate. I also asked how they handle holiday decorations. Are Christmas trees favored or do operators stick with generic lights-and-snowflakes themes? (I chose to keep the commercialization of the holidays out of this discussion.)

SST member Ralph87gn says his tenantsmany from around the worldhave never taken offense to his Merry Christmas sentiments.

AirportSuper Storage had a similar comment and added the staff goes crazy with decorations. Our property looks like Christmas threw up on it! We REALLY get into the spirit. Airport even added a cute photo of the facilitys golf cart decked out in holiday cheer.

Member palmettostorageFC admits to sticking to a general Happy Holidays and keeping the facility office decorated with a winter theme.

Whats your take on wishing others well during the holiday season? Is it acceptable to say Merry Christmas, or should self-storage operators stick with the generic Happy Holidays? Are Santas and Christmas trees all in good fun or potential offenders to those who dont celebrate the Christmas holiday. Post a comment below or join this discussion on Self-Storage Talk.

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