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Playing Favorites: Choose Yours in the Inside Self-Storage Best of Business Poll

This week ISS is introducing a new way to recognize your favorite self-storage vendorsthe first ever Best of Business opinion poll. Its your chance to tell the world which companies top your awesome list.

I admit, I play favorites. Well, I guess we all do. Whether its a sports team, ice cream flavor or even TV show, when we find something we adore, we stick like glue. And if our favorite wins somethingany Oscar or even flavor of the monthwe rejoice and it only cements our love even more.

This week ISS is introducing a new way to choose your favoritesthe first ever Best of Business opinion poll. Its your chance to tell the world which self-storage vendors top your awesome list. Weve created more than 20 categories from which to choose. And they are as varied as the companies. You can choose from expected categories such as Best Door, Best Management Software and Best Call Center. But weve also gotten a little creative and introduced categories like Best Green Product and Best Operational Consulting.

Weve created an easy-to-use format, youll find here. Simply choose which category youd like to vote in. The next screen will prompt you to either type in the name of the company or choose from a drop-down menu that lists dozens of companies. Once youve voted in that category, you can choose to vote in another category or even vote again in the same category. Its really that simple.

Voting will be open through June 30, and you can even vote as often as once per day. The results will be published online on Nov. 1 and in the November and December 2011 editions of ISS magazine. Plus, well recognize the winners during the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, March 14-16, 2012.

We hope youll decide to participate in the Best of Business. Its your chance to make sure your favorites are voted the best!

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