Janus International Introduces Nylon Windlock-Certified Windload Sheet Door


Janus International now offers a nylon windlock-certified windload sheet door. Model 3652 was tested at the Orlando Certified Testing Laboratory in Florida, where it achieved a +36/-40 pounds per square foot (PSF) design rating on a 12-foot-wide sheet door, using only three windlocks per sheet per side. Actual test pressures attained were even greater at +54/-60 PSF.  Nylon windlocks also call for smaller guides and no separate windbar.

“This door will be of significant value to our customers in Florida, North Carolina, Texas and other windload-coded areas,” said company president David Curtis.

Headquartered in Temple, Ga., Janus is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial doors and building components for self-storage and an array of other industries.

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