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Weirdo Watching: A Daily Occurrence for Self-Storage Operators

By John Carlisle Comments

Some self-storage tenants are model citizens. They pay on time, they are courteous in interactions with the staff, and they don't do anything bizarre enough to attract undue attention. Yet it seems whenever you ask a self-storage operator to tell you about one of his strange tenants, he doesn't have to think too hard to come up with a crazy story about one of his resident weirdos.

A discussion thread on Self-Storage Talk, the official online forum of Inside Self-Storage, is detailing the weird quirks of ongoing tenants. These aren't necessarily tales of deadbeat, awful customers who are the brink of being kicked out, but rather about unusual, quirky and perhaps creepy tenants who are strange enough to be noticed but not deviant enough to warrant an eviction or a "Sorry, you can't rent here" exclusion.

Member JamestownStorage#8 tells the story of a husband and wife filling out paperwork in her office. In the middle of the paperwork, the husband pulls out lotion, removes the wife's shoes, lifts her feet onto his lap and proceeds to massage and lotion her feet. Some people have no barriers for their affection, apparently. Another member shared a story about a tenant who insisted on visiting a pawn shop before paying for his prorate.

Of course, some managers would just as soon not rent to weirdos, so they put up as many visible blockades as possible. Members dennybeall and SMSSId shared how they post a sign about police dogs doing training exercises at the facility. That's usually effective at scaring away the seediest of tenants. Do the dogs really train there? That depends on the facility, but the sign never fails.

Unfortunately, female managers routinely deal with creepy male tenants who are hitting on them. Their advances may constitute only harmless flirting, but that doesn't stop the managers from feeling weirded out. One tenant handed his ID to a female at the time of rental and said, "Is this for professional or personal reasons." Suffice it to say, that tenant was put in a unit with cameras directed pointed at it.

Do you deal with one of the above tenant eccentricities? Or perhaps you have a unique one to add to the discussion? You can visit the thread and post your own oddity, but you must first log in or register a username.
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