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Legal Learning Revisited

Looking for something to do this weekend, something both entertaining and edifying? Why not curl up in front of your computer monitor, under a roaring air-conditioning vent, your favorite infusion and a bag of strawberry Twizzlers in hand, and watch Legal Learning? It's an hour of life that could save your business money, time and grief down the pike.

As promised (and previously discussed in this blog), a recording of the May 8th Legal Learning Webinar presented by Jeffrey Greenberger is now available through the Self-Storage Training Institute and will very soon be offered through the Self Storage Education Network as well. This month's topic was, "The Self-Storage Bailment: What's Wrong With Keeping Keys?"

You all know Inside Self-Storage and legal expert Greenberger provide these free, live webinars on the second Tuesday of every month. Over the past year, we've been barraged with requests for recordings of these events. So now you get your wish. The recordings are not free, nor do they break the bank. Forty bucks is a small price to pay for sound legal advice that could save you thousands down the road.

So, if you're keeping a low profile this weekend and want to bone up on bailments, grab your copy of Legal Learning and settle in for some schooling. Simply click on "Legal Learning Webinars" on the left-hand menu of If you want to register for a free, live version, check our your options at

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