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Ideas for Calorie-Burning, Courtesy of Self-Storage Talk

A good discussion is taking place on Self-Storage Talk regarding ways busy managers can exercise and take care of themselves.

Though Self-Storage Talk, the official online forum for Inside Self-Storage, has many uses, I would never claim it directly improves your physical fitness. I can't imagine that typing on a keyboard and clicking a mouse burns many calories. However, I can tell you there is a good discussion taking place regarding ways that busy managers can exercise and take care of themselves.

Let's face it: Self-storage operators often spending large portions of their days behind desks and in front of computer screens. Although the job does demand some maintenance and manual labor from time to time (which gives it an advantage on many professions), it's tough to be particularly active at work. Add in a dose of stress, take out the time necessary to eat healthful meals, and soon you're packing on the pounds.

It might seem like you're destined to lose the battle of the bulge, but fear not. From the forum discussion, you can glean a few ways to keep yourself fit while still staying committed to your job. Mostly, accomplishing this requires good time management and a little creativity. Here are a few rules to live by:

1.) Make your free time count.Whenever you're not working, exercising has to be a priority, particularly cardiovascular and aerobic activities. These are the activities that cannot be performed while working, and they're also the ones that burn the most calories.

Shoot for 30-60 minutes of cardio several days a week. This could be a simple as a brisk walk in your neighborhood on a nice evening. People claim they don't have this kind of time, but they do: It amounts to one fewer television program per week, a sacrifice that's worth making.

2.) Focus on your strength and flexibility during downtime at the office. Purchase an inflatable exercise ball and sit on it for one hour each day in place of your desk chair. Focus on using good posture. The ball forces your core muscles (abdomen, back, thighs) to work, while a chair allows them to slack off. Uncomfortable? Maybe a little, but that's the point. One hour won't kill you.

Second, purchase a yoga or pilates mat and learn some of the basic poses. Spend 15-20 minutes each workday perfecting your form. You'll notice results before long, regardless of your current fitness level, and you can do this right in the office.

3.) Skip sweets and go for healthful snacks. No one will blame you for wanting to munch on something during the day, but substitute the candy, soda and potato chips for almonds, raisins, low-fat granola and diet beverages.

If you're going to commit to being fit at your facility, jump in on the thread and pledge yourself to the SST community. It's harder to renege on a commitment when you've made it to others and not just yourself. Then update us on your progress. Want to join in the discussion but can't post yet? Then it's time to register for the forum, which you can do for here for free.

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