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Feel-Good Stories on Self-Storage Talk

Community Manager John Carlisle shares some feel-good stories from Self-Storage Talk and encourages you to submit your own.

All too often, topics of discussion in the self-storage industry are weighed down by negative sentiment. Someone gets fired by an overbearing supervisor, someone's facility is struggling mightily to rent units, some tenant is filing a frivolous lawsuit ... you get the idea. That's why it's refreshing once in a while to talk about the good things that are going on in self-storage and how operators are making a positive difference in people's lives from day to day.

A recent heartwarming thread on Self-Storage Talk, the official online forum for Inside Self-Storage, shares the story of how one manager was able to chase down four runaway dogs who were running amok next to a busy road. The panicked pooches had somehow gotten away from their owner, a truck driver who was out in his rig three hours away.

Thankfully, this manager was able to coral the dogs—who were quite friendly, just spooked initially—and look after them at the facility until the very grateful owner was able to return and pick them up. The best part? The manager who shared this story posted a handful of fun pictures here. If that doesn't brighten your day a little, I don't know what will.

In another story from a few months ago, Nashville, Tenn., was ravaged with historic flooding. If SST member and Nashville facility manager MusicCity Gal had allowed it, the storm would have ruined their customer appreciation day. But MusicCity Gal and her colleagues pressed on and turned their customer appreciation day, scheduled for a few days after the flood, into a customer assistance day, providing disaster relief services for the community. You can dig up the old thread here.

Because we all can use some good news from time to time, feel free to share your feel-good stories on the forum, too. All you have to do is register, log in and post.

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