Inside Self-Storage Boat/RV Storage 2015

Inside Self-Storage Boat RV Storage


Building Boat/RV Storage: Get insight on choosing the right site and design as well as other factors when building a new property or expanding an existing one.

Attracting Renters: Learn about the amenities and services operators are providing to entice and satisfy their boat/RV-storage tenants.

Multi-Channel Marketing: These offline and online strategies will help you win new customers for your boat/RV-storage business.

Legal Issues: Attorney Scott Zucker offers advice on vehicle-storage insurance requirements, lien sales, rental agreements and more.

Retail Sales: Learn about the many types of boat- and RV-related products you can add to your retail center to generate more revenue.

Insurance: Find out what unique coverages you need for boat/RV storage and get general advice on risk management.  

Takeaways for Your Business

  • How to successfully design and build a boat/RV-storage facility
  • How to market and operate a prosperous boat/RV-storage facility
  • Insight into insurance, legal and risk-management concerns for boat/RV-storage operators