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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Cooking the Books: Who’s Watching the Money Trail at Your Self-Storage Operation?

Unfortunately, self-storage is an industry where embezzlement happens. So how do owners ensure it doesn't happen to them? ...
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What Is a Self-Storage Manager, Part 3

Owners: Your manager is a crucial part of maintaining a fully functioning, highly tuned facility. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth working relationship.
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Missed Sales Opportunities: Are You Promoting Your Self-Storage Specials and Events?

When offering a self-storage discount, sponsoring a charity event or any kind of promotion, you need to market it. And not just by throwing out a few brochures on a table or hanging a sign in the office.
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Pests Be Gone: Self-Storage Operators Get Ready to Battle Summer Bugs

While self-storage operators are vigilant about pest control year-round, when the warm weather hits, they often find the battle heating up.
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Summer Shape-Up: It’s Time for Self-Storage Maintenance and Remodeling

Even if you operate a new facility, there’s no such thing as maintenance-free. ISS offers several articles on self-storage maintenance and remodeling online and in the July print edition. Plus, check out the new door maintenance guide.
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Lessons From Joplin, Mo., for Self-Storage Operators

The Joplin tornado should be a wakeup call for every self-storage operator. Preparation and organization are the two things that will help you better handle these situations.
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Self-Storage Security: Choosing the Real Deal

When it comes to security, self-storage operators walk a fine line between faking it and having the real deal.
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