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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Search-Engine Optimization Tips for Self-Storage Operators

Over the past couple of years, self-storage operators have learned just how important having a Web presence is to drawing new tenants. Some facility operators say 40 percent to 50 percent of new customers find them online, so it’s no surprise operators are learning how to boost their online presence through search-engine optimization.
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What Is a Self-Storage Manager?, Part 2

In the last blog, I shared with you a story of an owner with a bad attitude. This time, it’s managers who will take the heat.
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From Self-Storage Renter to Employee: What I’ve Learned About Customer Service

When I started my adventure in the world of self-storage it wasn’t as a storage manager but a potential client. It was the care and consideration of a storage manager that led me to the industry.
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Self-Storage Operators: Looking for More Info on Technology?

It seems our society is starved for all things technology. It was definitely a hot topic at the recent Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, March 14-16.
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What Is a Self-Storage Manager?, Part 1

Let’s define what a manager is. The word manager denotes an individual who’s in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a subset of a company. Is a manager a thing? No, a manger is an individual, therefore, a human being.
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Self-Storage Managers: Yes, You Can Negotiate a Raise

If you’re a super manager, you deserve a super paycheck. There’s a lot of talk in the industry regarding pay for onsite managers versus offsite ones, calculating things such as sick pay and vacation days, and benefits.
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A Manager’s View of the ISS Expo

A self-storage manager offers her take on the seminars, workshops and exhibits at the recent Inside Self Storage World Expo in Las Vegas.
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