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Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell


Making a Difference: What Self-Storage Operators Can Learn From NASA

While we as the storage industry cannot be responsible for the massive advances in science, medicine and such, we can make a difference.
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Self-Storage Operators: Are You Listening to Your Online Reputation?

The new prominence of Google Place Pages (maps), Google Reviews and social media has made controlling your online reputation more important—and more complex—than ever before.
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Cooking the Books: Who’s Watching the Money Trail at Your Self-Storage Operation?

Unfortunately, self-storage is an industry where embezzlement happens. So how do owners ensure it doesn't happen to them? ...
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What Is a Self-Storage Manager, Part 3

Owners: Your manager is a crucial part of maintaining a fully functioning, highly tuned facility. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth working relationship.
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Missed Sales Opportunities: Are You Promoting Your Self-Storage Specials and Events?

When offering a self-storage discount, sponsoring a charity event or any kind of promotion, you need to market it. And not just by throwing out a few brochures on a table or hanging a sign in the office.
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Pests Be Gone: Self-Storage Operators Get Ready to Battle Summer Bugs

While self-storage operators are vigilant about pest control year-round, when the warm weather hits, they often find the battle heating up.
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Summer Shape-Up: It’s Time for Self-Storage Maintenance and Remodeling

Even if you operate a new facility, there’s no such thing as maintenance-free. ISS offers several articles on self-storage maintenance and remodeling online and in the July print edition. Plus, check out the new door maintenance guide.
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