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Family Values

By Amy Campbell Comments
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The thing I miss most about living on the East Coast is regular access to ocean front. I crave the beach, the sea, especially as summer approaches. I think of childhood summers, when my family would spend weeks on Cape Ann. We'd stay at a lovely little place called the Chicataubut Inn, which has unfortunately faded into history like an old photograph.


I was reminded of this just yesterday as I met with the ISS tradeshow team to discuss marketing for our upcoming expo in Reno-Tahoe. The aim for this year's "fall" self-storage show—strategically moved to the popular vacation month of July—is to provide a venue for family fun. Vegas is about adult diversion. We thought it made sense to take this next show in a more, uh, wholesome direction.


That's not to say there isn't plenty of nightlife and mature recreation in Reno-Tahoe. On the contrary, there's gambling, jet-skiing, boating, wine-tasting, shows ... I had no idea, having never been there myself. I'm thrilled to see there's some cool stuff to investigate. Check out this link, for example. The site even has its own blogand it's up to date. Pretty sweet.


Speaking of family, mine just increased by one. Our best friends' cat had kittens on Monday, and I vowed to take one off their hot little hands—providing it was male and all-black. The first born foots the bill (we think), so I'm bracing myself for the inevitable transition period during which my current cat (a surly,11-year-old beast) will have to contend with another feline presence. Here's a picture of the new litter:




That's our little guy in the middle. He's a mama's boy now, and I don't reckon that's apt to change much when he gets to his new home in about 8 weeks. And here are some pics of my other "little" monster:



Doesn't she look safe, and loving and sweet? Not so fast...



Just another testament to the fact that looks can be vastly deceiving.


In-keeping with today's family theme, I'll be incommunicado for a couple of days, entertaining my mother and aunt who arrive this evening from Connecticut. In the meantime, can I get some people to COMMENT on this blog? Come on, I know there are at least three people reading this thing. Nobody has anything to say? I know posting public opinion is a bit intimidating, but it's actually kind of enjoyable once you get going. Blog = interaction, folks! Otherwise I'm just some crazy goth chick flaunting pictures of her pet on the web. Oh, so sad. *sniff*


Just click the "Post a comment" button below, fill out the form, and hit "submit." That's all there is to it. Need a question to get you going? How about this:


I read in the news today that SMARTBOX just opened a new portable-storage franchise in Raleigh, N.C. What's do you think: Is mobile storage a friend or foe to self-storage?



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