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3 Keys for a Successful Self-Storage Content-Marketing Campaign

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In addition to providing relevant content, being consistent in your blogging activity is important. Whether you post something daily, three times a week or four times a month will depend on the topic and your readers. The key is keeping your schedule consistent—doing the same number of posts every week. Posting a blog every day for a month and then not doing anything for two months can hurt your SEO efforts. For most businesses, doing three to four blog posts per month is sufficient.

3. Concentrate on Engaging Your Audience

Engaging your audience means getting them to share your information with others via their social media channels, comment on your blog posts to create conversations, or click to your marketing pages to learn more and ultimately make a purchase decision. It’s about getting your readers to take some sort of action without pressuring them to do so.

Today’s readers don’t want to feel pressured to do anything, so the engagement needs to be natural. Even the search engines have changed their search algorithms to make the results more innate based on what a user would naturally do.

Putting a link within your blog post to a page on your site that’s related to a product you’re talking about is totally fine and recommended. Someone would naturally click on that page since they’re reading a post about the topic. But adding eight different links with optimized anchor text that either all go to the same page or to one specific product is the epitome of putting pressure on a reader.

Additionally, when you keep the focus on engagement and categorize your blog posts correctly, your posts can show when someone is looking at your products. In other words, if someone is shopping and comes across your self-storage facility, they can see that you wrote a blog about it and click to learn more, which can then influence their buying decision.

Make Content Marketing Work for You

Content marketing is a way to expand your reach, build relevancy in the search engines to gain traffic and visibility, and convert readers into buyers. Realize, though, that it is just one piece of having a winning online-marketing strategy. No single technique will make your self-storage business profitable. However, when you combine content marketing with all the other online and offline marketing activities you do, you’ll soon realize the success and profit you deserve.

Jen Alsip is the content marketing manager for Volume 9 Inc., which creates custom-search marketing campaigns for clients, including a mix of SEO, paid-search management, social media, local-search marketing and website development for more than 100 clients and 200 managed websites. With 11 years of experience in Internet marketing, she helps put together strategies for her clients to improve their outreach and personalize the information they’re putting on the Internet. For more information, visit .

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