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The Future of Self-Storage Signage: The Benefits of Electronic Message Centers


By Matt Jordan

Technological advances drive change all around us, affecting the way we communicate, shop, network and market our businesses. Even self-storage signage is being propelled by technology, moving in a new direction that offers distinct advantages over traditional signage. Electronic message centers offer benefits in three key areas: visibility, message content and delivered results.

Attracting Attention

Getting noticed is more challenging than it sounds. In the modern era, our senses are constantly barraged, and we've become desensitized by much of what we are meant to perceive. Traditional signage may help consumers find a business they’re actively seeking, but it serves little purpose if they aren't already looking for it.

Although this photo isn't pretty, it does show how an electronic message center can broadcast your facility's messages and attract attention, even on a dreary day.When a person is repeatedly exposed to traditional signage, he becomes immune. The signs simply become part of the landscape. No one notices this signage anymore, and that means no one notices the business the signs were meant to promote. Getting noticed is the first step in bringing a new customer in the door.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as much as 18 percent of the population moves every year, which means old customers stop visiting a business and must be replaced. How can a self-storage operation succeed without getting public attention?

Everyone notices and reads an LED-based electronic message center. Whether animated or not, flashing or still, no one ever misses it because those bright LEDs demand to be noticed. What more can you want in a sign than an innate demand to be seen?

Dynamic Messaging

The ability to create and change message content dynamically is the second distinct advantage of electronic message centers. Messages can be created on the fly or methodically timed to appear when most advantageous. Why should commuters see the same sign on the way to work as they do on the way home when multiple messages are possible?

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