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4 Critical Tactics to Increase Online Self-Storage Reservations

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Generally, big ideas broken up into bite-size chunks of short, concise sentences are the most engaging. For instance, focus on organizing your content with descriptive headlines that will help the reader scan your Web page for the information they’re seeking. Not only does this allow you to connect more quickly, it prevents the user from abandoning your website for another when he can’t instantly find what he’s looking for.

Here’s a little fact: On average, a user spends less than 20 seconds searching for the information he’s seeking before he abandons a Web page. Think about that when you’re deciding how to display your most important details. If you’ve sent a user to a page on your website from a PPC ad, think about how prevalently the information he’s likely looking for is presented. You may have won the click, but if your customer abandons your page, your money and time have been wasted.

4. Place Calls to Action Strategically

A call to action is exactly what it sounds like. Essentially it’s asking your customer to do something next. Whether it’s learning more about your services or facility or filling out a form, placing calls to action throughout strategic areas of your website should be one of your biggest priorities.

You’ll be amazed at how many of your visitors respond to a simple call to action where you might not have had one before. Unfortunately, you also might be surprised at how many of your calls to action are ignored. To ensure a call gets notice, first focus on what you think the user might want to do next. For example, if a potential customer is reading about your unit types and sizes, a couple of great calls to action might be to view photos of the unit interiors or contact a representative to check their specific availability.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to increasing the success of calls to action is to avoid asking for too much too soon. If a customer is in the research process, a call to action such as “reserve a unit now” is like asking someone who walks into a clothing boutique to buy the first pair of shoes he sees. Go easy on your visitor and really think about what he might want to do next.

When you think like your customers and where they are in the sales process, you can create calls to action that truly resonate with their needs. Thus, you increase the likelihood those calls to action will be taken.

There are several conversion-based tactics that can help your website become a better tool at driving storage reservations. However, if you follow the four basics outlined above, you’ll create an effective starting point to build on as you understand more about what it takes to convert your visitors into customers.

Katelyn Murray is a marketing manager with EZ Storage, a self-storage facility with three locations in the Boston-metro area including Framingham, Natick and Newton. For more information, visit .

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