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Does Your Self-Storage Operation Need an Extreme Messaging Makeover?

By David Mastovich

Have you ever driven past a billboard that would cause an accident if anyone actually read the whole thing? Or wished a salesperson would stop blabbering about how perfect his product or service is? Worse yet, have you ever sat through a presentation that featured a bunch of PowerPoint slides being read to you by the speaker?

In cases like these, the advertiser, salesperson or speaker misses the opportunity to truly reach and influence their target audiences. Time and money are wasted. Productivity suffers. It’s time for an extreme messaging makeover. Here are five ways to achieve one.

Focus on One Big Idea

We’re bombarded with messages from the time we wake up until we crash at the end of a long day. We can’t afford to spend more time processing information unless we’re sure we need it. But we remember creative messages that make an emotional impact. We relate to them because they’re focused on a single main idea. Think about ads or slogans you probably couldn’t forget even if you wanted to, such as “Can you hear me now?,” “Don’t leave home without it” and “Got milk?”

Try to remember the last time a salesperson made just the right pitch, or you thoroughly enjoyed a presentation or speaker. The message was focused on you and one big idea you still remember today. The next time you’re creating an ad, talking with a customer, or composing an e-mail, improve your message by asking yourself: What’s the big idea?

Tell Your Story by Telling Stories

Stories resonate and help us relate to others. We remember vivid details of stories from our childhood. The most influential speakers tell memorable stories that stir multiple emotions. The most successful advertising campaigns use storytelling to make a lasting impact. The best media coverage is created by compelling stories.

When talking with prospective self-storage tenants, take your messaging to another level with meaningful and memorable stories. Build your self-storage brand by telling multiple stories that become your key message points, convey your real narrative and create the image you deserve. Tell your facility’s story in a way that focuses on your target audiences. Make it about them and their wants and needs.

Instead of sending boring press releases to the media that end up being ignored, tell interesting, real-life stories people will want to read and hear. The media then becomes your conduit.

Use Startling Stats, Numbered Lists and Acronyms

People tend to remember memorable facts or numbers rather than theories or abstract ideas. Beginning with a relevant fact or statistic can be an effective way to grab a customer’s attention and provide him with an easy-to-remember point. Trident gum famously used the phrase “Four out of five dentists surveyed would recommend sugarless gum to their patients who chew gum” in its advertising for decades. Why? It was a startling statistic that made a memorable impact. Trident provided a key takeaway that gained credibility with its target audiences.

We also remember numbered lists better than a simple statement of facts. If you number points in accordance to importance or relevance, your audience will at least remember the top few and maybe more. Think back to when a speaker used this technique and said he was going to talk about three major points. Once he said the first two, you were waiting for the third. After the presentation, you probably even tried to remember the three main points to tell others who were not at the presentation.

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