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Communicating With Women Customers: Five Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales

Rhonda Savage Comments
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2. Image Is Everything

Women are detailed-oriented. From the first phone call, the female customer needs to connect and feel special. You cannot ever undo a bad first impression. The front office area needs to be warm, inviting, clean and neat. Your team needs to wear professional clothing. Women notice details! Look at the women’s restroom: The appearance should be not only neat and clean, but up-to-date and decorated with a woman in mind.

3. Don’t Knock the Competition

When communicating with women, it’s important to remain neutral when discussing your competitors. Never speak badly about another business. Instead, talk about the benefits of your products with a positive focus on how they will meet the needs of the customer and her family. How will your product save her family money? Keep them safer? Protect the environment?

4. Emphasize the Benefits

The female customer looks for the perfect answer. It’s in her nature―she wants to be certain she’s making the right decision. Help her make it by discussing why it’s best she move on this decision right now.

Respect her time and don’t keep her waiting. Remember the phrase, “People count up the faults of those who keep them waiting.” This is especially true for women, who are multi-taskers. If you keep a woman waiting, she’ll be thinking of all the other things she needs to do and will be more stressed than the majority of your male clients. 

Another phrase to remember, “People shop up.” Most people want the best treatment they can afford. Women especially like to buy the best they can for their family’s needs. Provide the customer with options, but tell her what you feel is the best for her situation. Remember she may be slower to make her decision than your male client, as she wants to gather information and make that right decision. You might facilitate acceptance sooner with a complimentary added-value service.

5. Expect to Follow-Up

Many times, sales are lost with female customers because of a lack of follow-up. When men say, “I’ll think about it,” it usually means they’re not interested. When women say, “I’ll think about it,” it means they really will!

Ask permission to follow up within a week and answer any questions the customer may have. From there, she’ll direct you to what she wants. She’ll either need more time, more information, want to buy from you, or decide on another product.  Demanding, insistent salespeople will often lose the sale to the female client. She doesn’t want to “be sold.”

If you focus your business on the needs of the female customer, you will have her loyalty, trust and referrals. If you don’t meet her needs, she’ll leave you. If you just meet her needs, she’ll stay.  If you exceed her needs, she will refer her friends, family and colleagues.

Rhonda Savage is an internationally acclaimed speaker and CEO for a well-known practice management and consulting business. As past president of the Washington State Dental Association, she is active in organized dentistry and has been in private practice for more than 16 years. For more information, e-mail; visit

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