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Being the Customer's Ultimate Self-Storage Solution (By Being Other Things First)

Linnea Appleby Comments
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Be Nice

Self-storage is a sales, retail, people job. Being nice to people is key. Not some of the people some of the time, but all of the people all of the time, regardless of the circumstances in their life or yours. If nice is not your normal state of mind when you wake up in the morning, maybe you should consider a different career.
Be Ready to Close the Sale

Don’t wait for the prospect to just say yes; ask for his business. When you feel you’ve done a good job of being appropriate, knowledgeable, interested, genuine and nice, ask for the sale. Let him know you’re interested in doing business with him. He needs space, you sell space; it’s the perfect fit. Have confidence and expect a “yes.”

If you don’t get one, don’t take it personally, just retrace your steps and find out what part of the solution you’re missing. Ask what else the prospect needs to know, do, etc., to make a decision, and then try to provide that missing piece. Then ask for the sale again. Set an appointment, take a reservation or complete the deal. Any step forward in the sales process is a successful close.
Be the Solution

Remember, price is just the conversation-starter, the small talk you politely make until the real and meaningful conversation begins. Start with the end in mind. Be the right answer to the consumer’s real question ... “Will this be the solution I am looking for?”

When you can manage to be all of the things listed above, it’s only natural that you’ll become the solution that gets the business. Will you get it all of the time? No. Will you get more than you’re getting now? Probably. If you truly operate with the end goal of being the solution for each customer, you’ll see your success skyrocket.
Linnea Appleby is president of Sarasota, Fla.-based PDQ Management Solutions Inc., which specializes in the self-storage facility management and offers complimentary services such as operational consulting, new facility startup, property audits and the “Income Finder Service.” Appleby is a regular contributor to industry trade publications and a frequent speaker at tradeshows and events. She is also a past president of the Florida Self Storage Association. To contact her, call 941.377.3451; e-mail; visit 

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