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Finding the Best Erector for a Self-Storage Project

George Gray Comments

Some people view self-storage building installation as though it were as simple as an oversized Meccano set. This not the case! Poor building erection is a pitfall that can and will drain a developer’s cash flow.

After spending the time and money to develop a project, you expect to recoup your investment and make a profit. You’re looking for a quick, easy lease-up and don’t want to be plagued with roof leaks and constant repairs. Such problems can destroy a site’s potential for getting off the ground and into a profit zone. Construction is not the place to penny-pinch because, in the long run, it will cost you more than it saves.

Never compromise on concrete or erection work, and don’t allow your project to become the victim of a tight budget in phase one. You will jeopardize everything else you have done, potentially losing business and your reputation, if you skimp during installation.
Quality Control

Finding qualified erectors can be aggravating because these are specialized steel workers who custom fit every odd angle. It’s especially tough to find them in hard economic times because there’s a never-ending list of wannabes who need work and will take any job at any price.

Watch out for the unusually low bid. Also be on the lookout for erectors who are just regular contractors, or contractors who hire their brothers, sons, uncles and friends to build your project. The wrong erector can create a costly future for you if he’s training on your job.  

It’s true that basic buildings can be easier to complete, while insulated buildings with steps, large beams, interior hallways, utility rooms and elevators can be tricky. For the qualified self-storage erector, a basic building will simply go up faster than one with challenges. To protect your bottom line, hire an erector who is qualified to complete all aspects of a building regardless of its requirements, in a high-quality finish with organization and speediness.

Finding a good erection company begins by getting quotes from at least three self-storage contractors and reviewing them for differences. Make note of how quickly the contractors return your calls. Ask questions and request five client references from each company. Call references for an opinion of the company’s workmanship, diligence, attention to detail, ethics and timing of the schedule. Keep in mind the erector won’t refer you to any jobs that turned sour, so listen intently and read between the lines for hints of potential challenges.

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