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Online Payment and Management Solutions for Self-Storage

Sean Cargo Comments

Are you straining to find ways to make more money? Looking to offer a higher standard of service and increase your site’s efficiency? Stop struggling and take charge of your self-storage business. It’s time to implement an online payment and management system.
Keeping up with the mind of the consumer is one of the challenges that will continually face any industry. As information technology advances and everything turns into an automated process, we have to ask, “What’s next?” The Internet has really opened the door to what is possible for self-storage owners and customers. This article examines the need for online services in the industry and outlines things to look for when making the decision to implement them.
The Need for a Web Interface
Over the years, there’s been a significant change in the consumer mindset, and it has to do with the availability of information. We’ve seen firsthand how things can change when customers are given instant information or response. Texting and e-mail are so popular because they’re immediate but don’t require parties to be directly available at the time of the conversation. If there’s a way for consumers to access what they need on their own time without involving someone else, they’re drawn to it.
We’ve all seen the increase in online purchases. Why wait to take advantage of e-commerce? Changing your business model to accommodate some form of instant access for customers and yourself should be your next step. Smart companies have realized that the faster they can get information to the consumer, the happier the customer is. Advances in technology that allow for virtually everything to be done with a mobile handset point to this fact. Whether you believe it or not, the future is “instant information,” and the Internet is the current medium.
One common concern is that online systems are not safe or secure. This is a myth that spreads across all forms of technology, and it comes from a lack of understanding of the system itself. The self-storage industry’s premium software providers would not be in business if their products were not secure. They recognize that security is the foundation and build their systems accordingly. There is no tolerance in today’s market for products that don’t live up to high security standards.
Some self-storage owners don’t believe customers will use an online payment system if they offer it. But if the facility owner is willing to put faith in a Web solution, why shouldn’t customers feel the same? The effectiveness of an online payment system has a great deal to do with how you set it up and present it to customers. If you don’t mention it to new tenants or on your voicemail, how are people going to hear about it?

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