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960 Opportunities to Make Each Day a Success

Brian Sullivan Comments
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Educate Yourself
The most successful people in any business are the ones who schedule time each week to learn something new. So grab your PDA or open your Outlook calendar right now and set a recurring appointment with yourself. Make that appointment between 30 and 60 minutes for the same time each week.

During that time, you can read a trade journal, visit a competitive website, call a current customer for feedback, read a sales book...the list goes on! But if the ultimate goal is to be able to provide more value to your customers than the competition, you need to be smarter than them. And the 960 rep doesn’t get smarter by accident.

Lastly, remember the only difference between top performers and the average ones is how they look at each moment, each hour and each day. There is a sense of urgency in high achievers that has them keeping score between productivity and wasted time.

Top performers simply come closer to 960 Moments of PRIDE than others. And when they roll over to set the alarm clock before bed, it is at that moment they can tell themselves, “I made my objectives. I served others. I made a difference, and I did my best. Today was a great day!”
Sales coach and business consultant Brian Sullivan is author of “20 Days to the TOP – How the PRECISE Selling Formula Will Make You Your Company’s Top Sales Performer in 20 Days or Less.” As president of PRECISE Selling, Brian helps improve sales, customer service, leadership and presentation skills through seminars and Internet training programs. He also hosts “Entrepreneurial Moments,” a radio show on business and personal development. To reach him, e-mail; visit

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