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Simple Steps to Keep Mobile-Storage Containers in Top Shape

Steve Hajewski Comments

If you offer portable-storage service, you should have a regular maintenance routine to ensure years of reliable delivery and storage. The manufacturer of your containers can provide a specific checklist. In addition, here are some common maintenance tasks to keep your containers looking new and lasting longer.

Wash It

Because they come in contact with road salt and debris, portable-storage containers are exposed to a harsher life than your typical self-storage building. A thorough washing can prolong the life of the container. In absence of any specific manufacturer recommendations, use a mild detergent such as RV or carwash soap and rinse well. Since your containers likely have your name and logo, it’s even more important to maintain a clean appearance when they are dropped in front of your customers’ homes or businesses.

As long as you’ve got the hose out, take a minute to ensure your containers don’t have any leaks. After a good soaking, inspect the interior and confirm there is no water inside. Butyl caulk can be used to seal any minor leaks in wall joints. Be careful with pressure washers around graphics and joints in walls.

Touch It Up

When the containers are clean, touch up any scratches. Touch-up paint may be available from the manufacturer in a nail polish-style applicator. For bigger problems (such as graffiti that can’t be removed), you may need to have the paint custom-matched. Some hardware or paint stores can provide custom-matched spray paint. Test any new cleansers or paints in a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with your containers.

Logos and Decals

Your containers also serve as mobile billboards, and weathered or damaged signage reflects poorly on your business. The decals or signage looked great when first applied to the containers, but how are they holding up? If the answer is “not well,” consider if it’s worth the effort and expense to replace the signage. Inside the container, most operators provide various warning or loading instruction decals. Check to make sure they are also in good condition and not defaced.

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