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Digital Video Surveillance: A Modern Security Solution

Luz A. Berg Comments
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Now, if you really want a state-of-the-art storage facility, you can equip certain units with inexpensive IP cameras and offer your customers the ability to access their own camera remotely, 24/7, wherever there is an Internet connection. Or if they don’t have the time, have a video surveillance company monitor it for them. With growing competition in a homogeneous industry, you need to be creative in differentiating your facility from the rest.

Self-serve kiosks. The concept of self-serve kiosks started with ATMs, self-serve checkouts at retail stores, and pay-at-the-pump gas stations. This concept has transferred to the self-storage industry.

Kiosks in the industry became popular in late 2003 as the newest way to increase operational efficiency and profitability. Kiosks extend a facility’s office hours—without having to hire a manager. New customers or existing customers can transact business 24 hours a day without human interaction. Some of these kiosks have built-in cameras.

But who is monitoring these cameras? Unless an area is crime-infested, event-based video monitoring may be more cost-effective for kiosks. How does this work? The remote surveillance company will only view the camera when motion is detected in areas you designate.

Unmanned facility with remote personnel. Beyond kiosks is the concept of an unmanned facility with remote personnel. In conjunction with kiosks, digital video surveillance allows facility managers to manage their properties remotely. This is highly efficient when you have multiple properties. You can literally see your entire operation in one computer screen view, simultaneously in real time, without having to log on to each individual facility or camera.

Video data you collect will allow you to assess day-to-day activities in your facilities and enable you to compare trends and activities across your properties. You will be able to track your traffic and generate data to help you improve operational efficiencies. With digital video surveillance technology, the possibilities are endless.

Luz A. Berg is the senior vice president of operations and marketing for Iveda Solutions, a full-service IP surveillance company based in Mesa, Ariz. Iveda Solutions specializes in real-time Internet-based video surveillance services using a combination of network cameras, a secure data center and intervention specialists. For information, call 800.385.8616; visit

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