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Techno-Lingo in Modern-Day Storage Management

Christine Spisto Comments
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The technology shortens process implementation time from hours to just minutes, saving time, money and enhancing service levels. Users can react immediately to customer demands, streamlining record-center business processes and enhancing performance by enabling users to instantly respond to operations events as they occur, out in the field and at the point of activity. It also connects them to their company’s database, greatly reducing process implementation time, legwork and labor requirements.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

I mention this because it is often confused with GPRS. Where GPRS is a communications method, GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system run by the U.S. Department of Defense, officially known as NAVSTAR. It was designed so that signals from at least four satellites would be on the horizon at all times, sufficient to compute current latitude, longitude and elevation of a GPS receiver anywhere on earth to within a few meters.

Whether installed in vehicles or carried by hand, a GPS receiver calculates the distance to the satellites by comparing the times the transmitted signals were sent with the times they were received. By knowing the precise locations of the satellites at a given moment, the receiver uses triangulation, the navigation technique of ship captains for centuries, to pinpoint its own location.

By 2000, in-dash navigation systems using GPS were either standard or an option in luxury cars, and third-party systems became available for all vehicles. In addition, portable units can be taken from car to car, and navigation software can be added to a laptop computer or viewed over the Internet. Tracking information can be sent every two seconds to a database and journeys plotted. This means you can know exactly where every truck is, how long it stopped at the last location, and even if it was speeding at any time en route.

How to Treat TADD

I understand that it’s important for anyone associated with managing the lifecycle of records and information management to understand the technological terms and acronyms discussed in this article. All too often, people in the industry purchase the latest and greatest products for their record centers without fully understanding what they need, why they need them and how best to use them. But once they do, these products can help them and their staff perform jobs more efficiently, productively and profitably. 

Christine Spisto is the marketing communications/ public relations director for O’Neil Software. Located in Irvine, Calif., the company has more than 850 installations, from startups to multi-nationals, in more than 65 countries. For more information, 949.458.1234; visit

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