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Art of Marketing: How to Start a Feeding Frenzy for Self-Storage

Derek M. Naylor Comments
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2. New Movers.

Many operators focus only on people selling their homes and ignore those who have recently moved because they think it’s too late to sell them storage. This is big mistake. Think about it: When are people most obsessive about keeping their car clean? Right when they buy it. They wash it regularly; they don’t eat on the go.

People take the most pride in belongings immediately after they’ve forked over the cash to purchase them. So when someone moves into a new home, he wants to keep it clean and organized. What better time to get a storage unit?

Additionally, the current real estate and financial market is forcing many people to downsize homes. A study in July 2007 revealed 19 percent of movers downsized, leaving them with extra belongings that needed to be stored. Here are some more moving facts:

  • Nothing triggers a wave of consumer spending like a move. Studies show spending can reach as much as 20 times higher than that of non-movers. (If you’ve moved recently, you probably know what I mean!) 
  • There's probably no other point in our lives when we make so many spending decisions in such a compressed time period as we do two months before through two months after a move.
  • The average person spends more than $7,300 within three months of a move.
  • When it comes to brand loyalty, 67 percent say they couldn't care less when choosing new service providers in their new neighborhoods.
  • Of movers, 4 percent plan a major home improvement after purchasing a new residence, creating an even stronger need for storage.
  • Approximately 20 percent of U.S. households relocate every year.

Hopefully you see the golden opportunity with this starving crowd. As with tenant-based marketing, the quality of your direct mail piece is very important. Write to them in a persuasive, conversational tone and give them a good offer that caters to what we know about them.

Subscribe to a new-mover service that sends you a weekly list. Mail to these people immediately when you get their contact info and once more 30 days later to make a solid impression.

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