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Our annual Construction & Development Edition, published each September, divides readers into several camps. On one end of the spectrum are those eager to consume the information contained within: new owners, developers and investors, as well as established operators interested in expansion and emerging building trends. At the other end are those who would gladly gather every copy and burn them all in a big, beautiful bonfire at their next BBQ.

Why? Because they feel the industry is already too populated. They would rather we not encourage new entrants to self-storage, let alone tell them how the whole process works. Why not just pull the money directly out of our pockets! they cry. Its as good as giving away our business!

As a journalist, Im not one who believes general information is proprietary. If readers dont turn to us, they will look elsewhere for the knowledge they seek. And anyway, theres no stopping the influx. The word is out on self-storage and has been for quite a while. So let them come. But let them not muck the waters with bad projects and publicity! Lets teach them to do things right.

Where do we send industry novices? Where does anyone go when they want to learn something? School, of course. Enter the Developers Seminar. While the Self Storage Association has ceased to offer its periodic tutorials on the subject, other industry experts have stepped forward to fill the need.

This month, for example, RK Kliebenstein of Coast-To-Coast Storage and John Wilson of Construction Processes International, both well-known self-storage players, are hosting a seminar for new owners at Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, Sept. 7. Taught by seven of the industrys most recognized vendors, the full-day event is tailored to those interested in developing a new project or learning more about the industry, or small operators who want to grow their business.

The seminar will touch on all the most critical aspects of developing and building self-storage:

  • What to expect from an investment
  • Market and site selection
  • Feasibility and due diligence
  • Financing
  • Construction costs and essentials
  • Site management
  • Choosing the right support team

Attendees are promised top-notch information as well as the opportunity to build a strong network of industry professionals and suppliers. For more information, refer to pages 40-41 or visit

Theres no magic formula for self-storage success. The processes involved in site selection, market research, zoning, facility design and construction are not secret. All it takes is common sense, research, proper planning, the right professional support, money, and perhaps a little bit of luck. Arm yourself with accurate knowledgeregardless of the sourceand you can do more than construct a facility; you can help build a better future for the industry Heres to better building,

Teri L. Lanza
Editorial Director
[email protected]

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