Village of Lewiston, NY, Passes Law to Prohibit Self-Storage Development

March 8, 2024

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Update 3/8/24 – Officials in Lewiston, New York, have passed their proposed law prohibiting self-storage development in business and residential-business districts. Industry builders have the option to apply for a use-variance grant with the zoning board of appeals. The changes don’t apply to garages or storage at private residences or businesses, or portable storage.

2/2/24 – Officials in Lewiston, New York, are seeking to ban self-storage development in the town. The board of trustees scheduled a March 4 public hearing to allow the community to weigh in on the zoning proposal. Members will then vote on the measure following the discussion, according to a source.

The suggested law would amend the village’s zoning code and prohibit self-storage development in general- and retail-business districts. It would also disqualify self-storage from obtaining a special-use permit in any district within the village. Existing facilities wouldn’t be affected, however. The Niagara County planning boards will also need to approve the legislation, the source reported.

“This is a separate local law that says the reasons why, and it specifically deals with the definition of self-storage facility—the basis of which comes from New York state lien law that I enhanced a little bit to make it clear,” said village counsel Joseph Leone Jr.

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