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Vernon, PA, Considers Allowing Self-Storage in Rural-Residential Zoning District

Township supervisors in Vernon, Pennsylvania, are considering whether to allow self-storage in the city’s rural-residential districts. The possible ordinance change was prompted after a developer expressed interest in purchasing a property in the zone, according to the source.

The parcel at 8963 Perry Highway doesn’t allow self-storage, even under conditional or special exception use, according to Robert Horvat, township manager, who spoke during a June 3 meeting. The residential zoning district is small and centered around Radio Tower Hill, he added.

The proposed zoning change is similar to one that exists in the Conneut Corridor zoning district. If passed, it would allow self-storage as a conditional use, the source reported. Stipulations would include the parcel being no less than 2 acres, with structures built more than 250 feet away from the center line of adjacent public road right of way. In addition, the property would be required to have perimeter fencing between 6 and 8 feet high.

Although the land developer suggested outdoor storage for his proposed facility, the supervisors weren’t amenable to it. Supervisor Greg Smith said allowing it in only one zoning district would be “opening a can of worms” and lead to complaints from residents in other zones. Ashley Porter, a consulting engineer, noted the township usually declines applications for projects that include outdoor storage.

A hearing to discuss the ordinance is expected to be held this month, with commissioners voting on it after the meeting. The change will also be reviewed by the Vernon Township Planning Committee at its June 17 meeting and the Crawford County Planning Commission on June 28.

The Meadville Tribune, Vernon Supervisors Consider Change to Storage Ordinance

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