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Moratorium on Self-Storage Development Imposed in Coon Rapids, MN

Update 8/20/19 – The Coon Rapids City Council plans to extend its moratorium on self-storage development another six months. The ordinance will go into effect on Sept. 7, according to city attorney David Brodie. The postponement will give the council time to enact proposed code changes before the ban expires, according to a source.

Staff presented an assessment of the current policy for self-storage development to the city council on July 9. They considered whether it was adequate and looked at legislative options. They also examined market demand for self-storage and how neighboring cities regulate the business, Brodie said.

At this time, no changes to the policy are proposed for the industrial zoning districts. However, the council determined only climate-controlled, indoor self-storage will be allowed in the general commercial zoning districts and the River Rapids Overlay District, which governs development along the Coon Rapids Boulevard corridor, a source reported. Design standards for indoor storage will also be re-evaluated.

3/6/19 – The Coon Rapids City Council unanimously approved a six-month moratorium on self-storage development. The ban also applies to the expansion of existing facilities. It’ll run until Sept. 9 unless the council opts to lift or extend the ordinance. Officials could prevent development activity for up to an additional 18 months, according to the source.

“The only way to suspend application requests on a temporary basis is through a development moratorium,” Fernelius said.

Officials are expected to schedule a work session once the ordinance has been implemented for 90 days. Council members will use the meeting to consider potential actions prepared by staff, the source reported.

2/14/19 – The Coon Rapids, Minn., City Council is considering whether to impose a moratorium on self-storage development. During a work session on Jan. 22, council members discussed placing a six-month freeze on project consideration to give staff time to study the different types of facilities in the industry, zoning restrictions, and how other municipalities regulate the sector. The council will review the idea formally on Feb. 19. If enacted, the ban would go into effect on March 9, according to the source.

The moratorium was suggested after concerns arose during two recent applications, one of which was approved. The city has at least two other storage developers interested in submitting proposals, Grant Fernelius, community-development director, told the source.

Self-storage is currently allowed as a conditional use in general commercial districts, though outdoor storage is prohibited. In industrial zoning districts, it’s a permitted use, with outdoor storage possible with a conditional-use permit, the source reported.

Council members were generally favorable toward the moratorium during the work session. “I have no problem putting a hold on this,” councilmember Steve Wells said.

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