July 19, 2022

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Lyon County, NV, Updates Ordinance Addressing Self-Storage Land Use

Lyon County, Nevada, commissioners amended a land-use and development ordinance on July 7 that impacts future self-storage projects. The updates address the types of buildings that can be constructed as well as fencing, landscape buffers and outdoor storage, according to the source.

Among the changes is a requirement that all self-storage buildings must be permanent structures either built or assembled on site. In addition, storage of belongings must be inside an enclosed building, except for “recreational vehicles,” according to the language in the measure.

Another provision addressing outdoor storage indicates RVs and boats are permitted, along with “other items specifically approved via a conditional-use permit” in several commercial, industrial and mixed-use districts. Surface areas designated for outdoor storage must be paved with a non-permeable material like asphalt or concrete.

In addition, self-storage facilities must now include solid masonry walls around their perimeter in several commercial, industrial and mixed-use zones. Light- and heavy-industrial zones will now require 6-foot high perimeter fencing. The portions of those fences that are adjacent to residential zones or that face arterial streets, residential streets and state highways must also be solid masonry, the ordinance states.

Finally, 10-foot-wide landscape buffers must be installed along “the entire side” of a self-storage facility “between any street or highway and the required wall,” according to the ordinance. The county also stipulates which kind of screening trees must be used.

Nevada Appeal, Lyon County Approves Ordinance for Storage Facilities
Legistar, Chapter 15.335.03

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