Blimp Promoting Big Box Self-Storage Shot Down by Townspeople

A Big Box Self Storage marketing blimp met the ire of townspeople in Ditchling Common, West Sussex, England, who shot it down three times.

Villagers living in Ditchling Common, West Sussex, England, have repeatedly shot down an advertising blimp flying over Big Box Self Storage, according to an article in the Telegraph UK. The balloon, measuring 30-by-10 feet, was designed to promote the self-storage facility to townspeople and passersby, but seemingly has only angered those within view of it. It has been shot down three times since being raised in August. It originally cost £2,500.

Big Box branch manager Mike Rayner said: “The blimp was intended to boost our business. After all, the economy is not exactly flying high."

Big Box was granted a six-month license to fly the blimp by the Civil Aviation Authority, according to the article. A local resident stated his own opinion of the marketing ploy: "Maybe they should get the message and just throw it in the bin."

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