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Access Self Storage of the UK Expands Into Affordable Housing

Access Self Storage, which operates more than 50 self-storage facilities in the United Kingdom, is expanding into the affordable-housing market with the acquisition of two adjacent properties in Ilford, England. One 42-story structure on Station Road will be converted to house 380 apartments, with office and commercial spaces on the ground floor. The second building, on High Road, will comprise 144 residences. The company also purchased the passageway between High Road and Station Road, known as the Bodgers Arcade, and conducted a survey of residents to see how they wanted the space transformed, according to the source.

Access sees the residential developments as long-term investments. “I hope they can really help Ilford,” Jonathan Stevenson, head of development, told the source. “I say that hand on heart. We are not looking to develop them quickly and turn them around for profit; we will be here for a long time. We know there is a real need for housing in Ilford, and we are really excited about the development.”

Community members had the opportunity to provide feedback on the residential projects last week. Access also sought input on the passageway. “We own the Bodgers Arcade, and we are trying to make sure it is a good route through to the High Road,” a company official said, noting that residents are currently reluctant to walk through the space at night.

Designs for the passageway include a historical nod to the area as well as a modern twist that would feature an optical tunnel and light installation, the source reported.

Access doesn’t operate any self-storage facilities within the town limits, but has several properties in the area. The company has a large concentration of storage sites in Greater London.

Ilford Recorder, Residents Invited to Ilford on Thursday to Consult on Bodgers 42-Storey Tower Plans
Ilford Recorder, Bodgers Site Bought by Self Storage Company and Plans for 42-Storey Tower Unveiled in Ilford

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