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OpenTech Integrates Self-Storage IoE Platform With Amazon Alexa, Call-Center Service

Update 8/28/18 – On the heels of its announcement regarding Amazon Alexa, OpenTech has also integrated its IoE platform with its existing call-center service. The addition allows call-center agents to remotely assist tenants and control self-storage facility access using INSOMNIAC CIA, according to a press release.

“We handle thousands of tenant calls a day in our call center, and we are always looking for new ways to improve a tenant’s experience,” said Robert A. Chiti, president and CEO, noting there are times when customers tailgate into the property and get stuck behind the gate after hours. In those cases, they often contact the call center, which must then initiate emergency protocols. The exchange could be problematic, Chiti said.

“We have heard of customers calling 911 or actually driving into the gate, so you can see how that process was not working,” Chiti said. “By empowering the call-center staff with tenant data and the ability to remotely control access to the facility through our cloud-based, access-control solution, we are creating happier tenants, eliminating negative social media reviews, and making self-storage simpler to use.”

OpenTech’s IoE integrations with Alexa, the call center and HVAC systems are available to customers at no charge. Several third-party devices and related systems are supported by the platform, the release stated. The call-center integration module is also available to third-party and internal call centers.

8/21/18 – OpenTech Alliance Inc., a Phoenix-based provider of self-storage kiosks, call-center services and other technology, has integrated its Internet of Everything (IoE) platform with Amazon Alexa virtual-assistant devices, which will enable self-storage operators to use voice commands to perform facility functions or retrieve information. Customers can use Alexa to open the access gate, find out how many tenants are onsite, see the name of the last renter on the property and complete other tasks, according to a press release.

“The way we interact with computers changes every 10 years. Voice-enabled commands are the next user-interface model,” said Jon Loftin, vice president and IoE product owner. “Alexa is utilized at many self-storage facilities to assist with translation services, and integrating hand-free commands allows managers to work more efficiently.”

Earlier this month, OpenTech announced the integration of its IoE platform with self-storage HVAC systems, the release stated. The company launched its IoE initiative last year to facilitate its next generation of products.

OpenTech provides several models of INSOMNIAC self-serve kiosks as well as a range of self-storage rental solutions including the INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center, INSOMNIAC Online Web and mobile applications, LiveAgent! software products, and the INSOMNIAC ILock Security System, all available through the company's self-storage cloud.

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