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Janus International Corp.

New Drum Wheel, Replacement Door Kit

Janus International, a leading door manufacturer for the commercial and self-storage markets, has introduced a modified drum wheel and new replacement door kit. The 12-inch drum wheel has a modified design that accepts the attachment of a gear box and sprocket, allowing Janus doors to replace certain other manufacturers doors while using the existing angle-iron T brackets. For convenience, the new drum will be a standard part of every new Janus commercial door order. By using existing guides and brackets, installation time is reduced by up to 65 percent.

The replacement kit includes a reduced-drive chain hoist and drive-sprocket assembly, which adapts to the newly modified end drum. In addition, the axle-support hardware has been upgraded. The advanced design with its cam-action spring-tension holding device allows for a safe and quick tension adjustment. The kits can be purchased complete or in part as needed by the customer and the usability of their existing guides and gear. Customers must indicate the exact curtain width and name of current manufacturer before ordering the Janus replacement kit. For more information, call 770.562.2850; visit

EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd.

New EMSEAL RV Sealant Tape

EMSEAL, a leading manufacturer of premium sealants, expansion joints and gasket products, introduces its revolutionary RVS RV sealant tape for recreational vehicles. RVS RV sealant tape is a preformed, expanding tape seal, ideal for applications requiring high-temperature stability, and protection against water, vapor, air, sound and vibrations. The RVS RV sealant tape is made of resilient cellular foam infused with patent-pending, hydrophobic/hydrophilic, modified-acrylic compressed to a density appropriate to the application. The result is a hybrid sealant with the characteristics of foam and liquid versions.

The tape is user friendly, doesnt dry out and conforms to many substrate irregularities. It is suitable for use on painted or unpainted metal, plastic, glass, wood and other surfaces. Packaged in pre-compressed rolls, the tape is available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. For more information, call 800.526.8365; visit

Syrasoft LLC

SIM Web Enabled Software

Camillus, N.Y.-based Syrasoft LLC, a management software producer, brings Internet capability to storage owners with its Syrasoft Internet Manager (SIM) web-enabled add-on software product. With SIM, storage owners can host a business website directly from a property office. Customers can make payments, reserve units and schedule appointments 24/7. Activities post directly to the propertys Syrasoft software. The SIM product alleviates owner concerns about relinquishing private-property data to a web-based software vendor that must maintain proprietary customer-account information on the Internet. For more information, call 800.817.7706; visit

ONeil Software Inc.

ONeil Improves RSWeb.NET

ONeil Software Inc.s RSWeb.NET is more flexible, powerful and user-friendly, allowing storage facility records clients heightened convenience and enhanced access via the RSSQL database. Customers can now perform many tasks themselves, eliminating unnecessary communication and enabling customizable data-entry screens and instant reporting. RSWeb.NET helps operators serve clients more efficiently through the Internet, freeing up internal staff. Records clients can quickly and easily query record centers database, order supplies, add new or edit existing inventory information, generate reports, request services and even monitor the status of orders.

Clients will see the same familiar screens walking them through every step, giving them the incentive to order online more often and with confidence. Because of the flexible Microsoft.NET architecture, language, access, queries, add/edit dialogues and reports can all be edited to meet the exact needs of customers. Some of the new functionality includes a simplified and clean interface, start-up pages for first-time users, intuitive menu options, pre-defined searches for ease of use, and instant reports and work orders that clients create. For more information, call 949.458.1234; visit

Bird-X Inc.

Bird Proof Repellent Compound

Bird-Proof bird repellent compound, developed by Chicago-based Bird-X Inc., discourages birds from alighting and nesting even under extreme weather conditions. The formula is a quick, easy, long-term barrier to birds, allowing the property owner or manager to eliminate unsightly and unsanitary birds and their droppings, as well as the high and recurring costs from mess. The chemical compound has a tacky, uncomfortable feeling that birds avoid, yet its odorless, nonpoisonous and environmentally friendly.

Two formulations, gel and liquid, serve all applications and are easy to apply to any surface. The gel is applied in beads, using a standard 10-inch caulking gun, to places where birds roost or perch. The liquid formula is distributed with a pressure sprayer, or paint brush for hard-to-reach areas and trees or shrubs.

Bird Proof sets semi-clear in minutes. It can be applied to any surface and in any climate. A thorough application protects property for approximately one year, after which removal and reapplication is necessary. The 12-cartridge case of gel treats 120 linear feet and costs $95. A trial kit of three cartridges of gel treats 30 feet and costs $29. The 1-gallon liquid, which treats 120 square feet or one tree with a 5-inch diameter trunk, costs $45. For more information, call 800.662.5021; visit

Encore Commercial Products Inc.

Square Bollard Cover Introduced

Southfield, Mich.-based Encore Commercial Products Inc. has introduced the Square Post Guard. The ultraviolet resistant bollard sleeve, fabricated from high-density polyethylene, is durable and withstands extreme temperatures. The red recessed striping increases visibility and safety around storage facilities. The 4.5-by-4.5 inch product is 52 inches long and easily adapts for quick installation. Square Post Guard is designed with crisp and clean lines on a smooth yellow surface. It matches nicely with most structures. Since its introduction in 2002, Post Guard has been improving the appearance of property with attractive sleeves that easily fit over bollards. Post Guard increases visibility and decreases customer complaints due to dinged vehicles. Sleeves also reduce maintenance costs by eliminating scraping and painting.

For more information, call 866.737.8900; visit

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