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When partners Sam Sabri and Boyd Whitney formed BETCO Inc., they applied a single philosophy that has ensured the company's success and expansion: responding to customer's needs. Within two decades, the company has evolved into a single-source supplier for self-storage structures and components, and a leading provider for three major categories of metal-building products.

BETCO--the "Builder Engineering & Technology Co."--was established in 1984 in Statesville, N.C. The company designs and manufactures pre-engineered, prefabricated metal buildings for light industrial, commercial and agricultural use.

When the company broke ground in 1988 for its corporate office and manufacturing facility, it was the responsibility of Sabri to market the building components. The following year, the international division, which builds poultry and swine houses, was formed under Whitney. This division also provides low-cost housing to third-world countries.

During the 1990s, the company prospered, although business was limited to the eastern states. A 20,000-square-foot roll former and shipping building was added to the 80,000-square-foot Statesville facility in 1998. The addition allows the company to manufacture roll-up doors and hallway systems under the brand name BDH Doors & Hallways Systems.

Since all products were manufactured on the East Coast, shipping costs were prohibitive if building components were sold far from the source. In response to customer demand, the company expanded into the Southwest by opening a 75,000-square-foot plant and office facility in Bryan, Texas, in 2000.

To address the needs of self-storage owners on a budget, a no-frills building system was introduced in mid-2001 under the brand name SmartStorage. By making gutters, downspouts and insulation optional, owners with an eye on the economy can still purchase a well-made building.

Whether ordering a complete structure, no-frills building or components, customers experience superior service when dealing with BETCO. From initial contact with a sales representative to final construction, the company will guide an owner through all the stages. Field offices are located across the United States with trained sales reps who are familiar with all phases of building a self-storage project and local conditions.

Value-added engineering provides BETCO customers design services that save time and money, and provide a more efficient project and aesthetically superior building. Once products have been ordered, they are shipped at the customer's convenience using dedicated company trucks and specially designed trailers. Trained project managers and field superintendents are assigned to each project to ensure everything moves along smoothly and remains on schedule.

BETCO provides customers a variety of products designed and manufactured for superior performance, and many carry a 25-year warranty:

  • Structures up to 16 feet high with 14-foot roll-top doors can be built to provide RV and boat storage. Bays are 12, 15 and 20 feet wide for easy access.
  • The integrity of BETCO roof panels comes from their 3-inch structural standing-seam configuration with two secondary ribs attached with concealed clips and extended-life, stainless-steel-capped, self-drilling fasteners. Panels are 16 feet wide and made of 22- or 24-guage Galvalume steel.
  • The 30-inch-wide interior paneling is designed to be moveable, with interlocking joints for strength and durability. Protective screw-guard trim channels run along the top and bottom of partitions to eliminate possible interior snag points.
  • Trim and gutters, built of 26-guage galvanized steel, feature a flush built-in kickout that diverts water away from the building.
  • Exterior walls, columns and headers are made of 26-guage galvanized steel. Exterior columns and headers are made of 18-guage galvanized steel.
  • BDH doors and hallway systems are roll formed to a configuration that provides high wind strength and minimum flex.
  • Prepackaged metal buildings in 40- or 50-foot widths are available with four roof and side panels cut to length, in addition to a variety of customized trims.

For those interested in self-storage and wishing to learn more about it, a free CD-ROM or VHS video has been produced by BETCO. For more information, call 800.654.7813 or visit

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