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Baja Construction Presents Webinar, Participates at Inside Self-Storage World Expo

Bob Hayworth, owner and CEO of Baja Construction Co. Inc., will present a free webinar on the revenue-generating possibilities of self-storage roofing. He will also present two seminars on using solar energy for self-storage at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, March 1-3.

On Feb. 24, Bob Hayworth, owner and CEO of Baja Construction Co. Inc., will present a free webinar titled "Above the Roof, Below the Roof: Making Money on Both Sides," addressing the revenue-generating possibilities of self-storage roofing, including the use of solar panels. Hayworth will address ways to maximize solar-power utility rebates, tax-free grants and other tax savings. He’ll also talk about how to sell electricity created by solar panels to utility companies, and the process of renting shaded parking for the storage of boats and RVs. The event will take place at 1 p.m. ET.

Hayworth and Baja Construction will also be participating at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, March 1-3, as both exhibitor and presenter. Hayworth, in conjunction with and Robin Heuer and Matt Harrison of iParkSolar, will present two seminars on March 2.
“Solar Technology 101: Incentives, Rebates and Feed-In Tariffs,” at 8 a.m., will provide an introduction to solar-electric (photovoltaic) systems and how they can be adapted to a self-storage operation. Attendees will get information on the benefits of installing a solar-electric system, including federal, state and local tax incentives, utility-rebate programs, and financing and grant opportunities.
“Using Solar in Self-Storage: An Economic Model for Optimizing Your Site and Maximizing Your Investment,” at 9 a.m., will provide detailed information about economics of adapting renewable energy, including real-world and first-hand data on existing solar self-storage facilities. The presenters will showcase operational facilities as well as one in development, outlining the costs involved. They’ll show a breakdown of expenses vs. tax incentives, grants, and rebates. They’ll also show existing and potential revenue streams as well as the breakeven points and return-on-investment analysis for each project.
Baja will be found in booth #300 of the ISS exhibit hall.  For expo details and to register, visit

To register for Hayworth’s free webinar, visit

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