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Submit Press Releases to ISS
Submit Press Releases to ISS

Submit Press Releases to ISS

Do you have a press release you'd like to see published on the ISS website or in ISS magazine? Simply send your finished release and any accompanying images to the ISS News Center at [email protected]. From there it'll be distributed to several members of the ISS team, who will vet, edit and post material that is deemed timely and relevant to our audience. 

Important notes: 

Submission does not guarantee publication. Releases are chosen based on several criteria, including industry relevance, level of interest to our audience and completeness/accuracy of information. 

Press releases are rarely published as originally submitted. An ISS editor will research and fact-check the information and edit the material per ISS guidelines and style. 

Promotional copy that is sales- or marketing-based will not be published as news.

Please understand that ISS receives dozens of press releases every week. We do our best to accommodate requests but are not always able to publish every submission.

If instead of a press release you have seen news on another website that you feel should be distributed to our audience, simply e-mail the news center at the address above and include a link to the original source.

We thank you for contributing to ISS and for helping us keep our audience well-informed!