Recordant Solution

Recordant Inc. offers the Recordant Solution for recording interactions between employees and customers to be used as a training tool for improved customer service.

Recordant Inc. recently debuted its Recordant Solution, new technology for capturing and analyzing interactions between associates and customers. Recordings may be used as training tools for self-storage managers and owners seeking to optimize sales and customer service skills to the fullest. In addition, the Recordant Solution can provide mystery-shopping activities, capturing real life interaction as opposed to infrequent scripted shops.

The Recordant Solution is engineered to provide a range of services:

• Comprehensive coverage of face-to-face and telephone associate/customer interactions.

• The ability to quickly download and access captured interactions through a secure, web-based portal.

• Near real-time feedback on training effectiveness and retention.

• Complete customized assessments while listening to interactions.

• The option to identify key areas of the interaction through notes and bookmarks.

• Export and e-mail clips of interactions to share best practices and recognize achievements.

• Automatic record and upload capabilities, without the need for manual action.


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