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Tenant Inc. Introduces Mariposa Touchless Technology for Self-Storage Facilities

Tenant Inc., a developer of real estate technology, has introduced Mariposa, a website technology that allows customers to rent self-storage units online. It integrates with the company’s existing property-management software, Hummingbird. Together, the offerings enable “touchless rentals” through the first digital-identification verification in the self-storage industry, according to a press release.

“We are proud to offer this first-of-kind technology to self-storage owners seeking the most efficient ways to attract and retain customers,” said CEO Lance Watkins.

Mariposa uses a 128-point digital-identification system with facial recognition to authenticate a renter’s identity. “This is by far the most sophisticated technology breakthrough for the self-storage industry,” Watkins said. “Verifying a prospective renter’s identity with data not only protects the owner from unknown risk, it initiates good relationships and instills loyalty with customers who want to interact digitally. This is the most common request we’ve received since pioneering online rentals.”

By employing an intuitive combination of artificial-intelligence-based analytics, algorithms and biometric facial comparison, the Mariposa omnichannel technology interactively guides users through a contact-free process to capture an image of any global government-issued ID and a selfie photo for biometric matching. This delivers a fully automated authentication experience that’s more reliable than traditional methods, the release stated.

“It combines added convenience to renting storage online with real-time security through phone-number, contact-information and device verification that saves time and improves customer service,” Watkins said.

In addition to digital-identity authentication, Mariposa’s proprietary technology features expanded self-serve capabilities, so customers can rent a unit and sign their rental agreement electronically. They can also enroll in insurance coverage and manage autopay, door access and account information online. A cloud-based document-management system allows storage owners to create a library of forms and make it accessible to tenants, so they can conveniently review, sign and submit these documents at any time.

“Our self-serve digital platform, when integrated with Hummingbird property-management software, allows unprecedented convenience for the self-storage industry,” Watkins said. “Together, the two enable a higher level of efficiency in converting reservations to rentals virtually and providing a better experience overall for both managers and customers.”

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., Tenant’s platform is designed to create customizable solutions for self-storage operators, including property-management software, website technology, digital-marketing services and more.

EIN Presswire, Tenant Inc Introduces Mariposa

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