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OpenTech Launches SmartEye Service for Self-Storage Security

OpenTech Alliance Inc., a Phoenix-based provider of self-storage kiosks, call-center services and other technology, has launched SmartEye, a tenant- and asset-protection service. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and a virtual security team (VST) to detect and intercept intrusions at self-storage facilities, alerting the facility operator, according to a press release.

“SmartEye works with existing closed-circuit television systems to detect bad behavior as it is happening at your facility, and immediately alerts a VST,” the release stated. “The VST is standing by to respond to the perpetrator with voice commands as well as notify the local authorities, who can immediately respond to the incident. The VST can also respond to visitors with precautionary or greeting messages, reinforcing that security is a priority and enhancing customer assurance that their belongings are secure.”

The system uses AI technology to learn from incidents and tags events the VST should ignore, such as lights turning on and off. The platform is designed to offer real-time monitoring and response, rather than wait to view recorded footage or rely on untrained personnel to intervene during an incident, according to the release.

“We have been following technology advancements in AI and how it can benefit self-storage security,” said Jon Loftin, vice president. “We are impressed with the results at several self-storage locations where SmartEye is implemented. Operators are reporting facilities that once experienced frequent issues have had no incidents.”

OpenTech provides several models of INSOMNIAC self-serve kiosks as well as a range of self-storage rental solutions including the INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center, INSOMNIAC Online Web and mobile applications, LiveAgent! software products, and the INSOMNIAC ILock Security System, all available through the company's self-storage cloud.


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